:parrotdad: PvP main looking for null sec home. 113+mill sp :parrotdad:

I have been around for a long time and seen most of what eve has to offer WH, sov warfare, alliance tourney FC. I most enjoy small gang warfare. I am returning to the game with my roommate who is lower SP then my toons but there are 2 pilots and 4 toons.

Billypilgrim and Svenrir 113mill and 89mill
Sinlavane and Avatarofhell 25mill and 7mill

I am looking for USTZ PVP corp options within the following alliances or coalitions. MC, NC. GOTG or unspoken alliance.

Hey Billy,

I am a recruiter for SBBAL up north in GOTG. We are a growing PVP corp and are top of the board for the last few months. We specialize in small gang since we are only about 20 people.

Our alliance is SLYCE, which is indy focused allowing for us to make isk in order to blow it all up. This also means though that we can make t2 ships in house for you or your 'mate.

Our age range is 20-50ish so we are a no b ullshit environment when we’re on fleets. We are currently getting content from Black Legion being around as well as Tri and Goonswarm. Daily there is content for you to pvp and shoot anything that isn’t friendly.

Forum Recruitment post
Reddit Recruitment Post

If any of this sounded like something you’d like to check out chat us up in game in our pub chat( Short Bus Ballaz Public) or hit the link to be invited to our discord. We use Teamspeak for daily in game comms and discord for out of game. So a mic is required.

Cheers o7,
Millineon Silvership

Hey there Billy

I know you were looking for those specific groups but if you are willing to give Legacy a try then let me know.

Hello there @BillyPilgrim !

Check out Definitely Not Cloaked LLC [WECU.]

Like the guy above, we aren’t in those specific groups, but we’re a USTZ/EUTZ corporation in the Imperium flying under The Initiative. We enjoy the smaller, tight-knit corp lifestyle, within a large, established and successful alliance, under the massive umbrella of The Imperium.

You meet our SP requirement, and mentality. We are a mostly mature (we still enjoy the lols), laid back yet competitive group focused on PVP, but with access to highly profitable and well-defended space.

Come chat with us on Discord (https://discord.gg/BXzRZZQ) or see our Forums ad (Definitely Not Cloaked LLC. is recruitng. [Nullsec/Sov])

If you are interested in maybe trying wormholes, I would love to :smile:

Here is our recruitment ad: Anoken Empire is Recruiting! New High Class Wormhole PVP/PVE Corp!

Fly safe o/

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