Pyfa - The Python Fitting Assistant - v2.3.0 (Mutaplasmids!)

(Lithorn) #21

Thanks for the reply but i’m not even talking about EHP, i’m actually referring to the RAW HP value, to be off by 6-7k points on just HP alone is ridiculous. ( I did specifically mention buffer. )

(Sexy Cakes) #22

Mass is not calculating correctly when using multiple bubbles ie. 5 bubble Hictors for rolling wormholes. Pyfa shows <10k mass, in game shows 750k mass.

(Rayaghuma) #23

Tried to install this for Windows, but my Norton doesnt like it - community based informations say, it is not trustworthy and insecure.

Thats from my Norton Internet Security.

(Nolak Ataru) #24

Just double checking, the DPS Graph takes Weapon Signature Resolution into account, correct?

(Logistics) #25

Can we get the new AT ships added now that they have finally been released into the game? Or am I missing something?

(Navik Askiras) #26

Date release of the new update pyfa about the new update of all Alpha races skills?

Thank you.

(Eris Kallisti) #27

How would I use PYFA to simulate two ships fighting each other?

(Lothros Andastar) #28

Any chance you could add a DPS vs Speed graph in addtion to the DPS vs Range graph?

DPS vs Range is pointless for Missiles. I want to be able to see at what point Fury missiles stop being effective.

(Jozen Toranaga) #29

I would like to see turret tracking added to the firepower window.

(Nova Rays) #30

Is it possible to view to fits side by side in Pyfa?

(Nova Rays) #31

That is, without having to toggle between tabs?

(DArk Merlin) #32

Important piece missing to the PYFA for industrial ships is the cargo capacity. I have been working with this all morning and have not found a single piece of information that once I added all of my skills through CREST and fitted a ship, there was nothing telling me how much cargo I can hold once I put in my fits. When you’re doing a lot of hauling and want to plan this out this is important.

(Sarmatiko) #33


(Vatik Yomem) #34

Tiny suggestion: Could you include a dark mode for us neckbeards that are allergic to light? I have it on literally everything else on my computer lol PyFa is the only program I use that lights up in white and burns my eyes.

(Kaywinnet Lee Alland) #35

@Sable_Blitzmann Hi there! I just wanted to thank you for your continued support of this great fitting tool. Used it many times and really grew to like it it alot. Keep up the good work please!

(mallon Koraka) #36

sable_blitsmann i cnt seem to get the export fits to work so that my fits are visible in eve

(Gec Minayin) #37

Not sure if this is a bug or a problem on mi side, but Loki and Proteus (that’s what i’ve found so far) do not show low, med and high slots. only Subsys and Rig slots.

(Arthur Dentz) #38

That makes sense, as the number of H/M/L slots depends on what subsystems you have installed.

(Gec Minayin) #39

got it. thx!

(Vilinius Maximilius) #40

why can i not select my char and import my fittings… i input my api downlaoded my fits. but i cant select my char or fittings from the main screen