[Q2] Blocking Warp Core Stabs from FW Acceleration Gates

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disagree about rollbacks, you’ll just get isk tanked older players running player after player after player out of plexes with almost zero effort. Rollbacks won’t convince outmatched pilots to stay and fight, they’ll just make people not bother at all.

I agree that farming is annoying, I agree that WCS have no place in plexes, I don’t agree with rolbacks as I like targets and this will make them all leave

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April fools boys

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:golf: clap

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I don’t mind the removal of stabs and cloaks from the FW complexes but there has to be some type of leverage for helping D-plex a system since most of the time it’s the stabbed alts of people who do most of the D-plexing anyway. I have a couple of thoughts i would like to throw out there:

  • Make the rats in the plex’s more useful (we the players took the system, have the factions play a bigger role in defending the system up to a certain contested lvl)

  • Make a auto D-plex buffer (lets use 30% as an example, if the system is under 30% and depending on the level of the system if the sites are not completed in the time it would take a capsuleer to complete + 5min then that site would be considered D-plexed by the rat), i mentioned that the auto D-plex system would be effected by the system level (so currently plexing any site well make the system more or less contested by .7% now for the auto D-plexing if the system is lvl 1 its contested lvl goes down by .1 evey time a site is closed by the rats and it well follow suit for the other system lvl’s, lvl 2 = .2% lvl 3 = .3% and so on) if a player manually goes in and D-plex a site the site still lower’s the contested lvl by .7%. this way there well be incentives to keep systems low enough for the empires forces can focus on defense

  • If contested lvl’s exceeds the auto buffer zone, auto buffer turns off untell capsuleers D-plex it back into the buffer zone

These thoughts can use a lot of improvement but its just something to think on and it well make it feel like the FW pilots are actually backed by their respected empires.

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Rixx, whos going to deplex all of the systems we live in ? Its a horrible activity only bearable because we can do it with alts and pvp on our mains. Without that ability were going to have to spend countless hours doing an activity that gives pretty much no reward. Not to mention people will just farm in griffins with jams and ecm bursts. Were just trading one cancer for another

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Something like this will be needed, if people can’t use alts to deplex they will let the enemies take it before trying to capture it again, this is shown to be human behavior from games like ESO and guild wars 2 where people zerk around as a group and only take back systems as it is more rewarding than defending.

So removal of stabs is a great change but would need a rework of de-plexing, to make it more rewarding and worth while, or at least faster.

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I propose that the Maulus Navy Issue get an extra 15 points on its magnetometric sensor strength when this change drops. Please and thank you.

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For anyone still wondering, I can confirm that this is not an April Fools joke. This is a real change that we are currently planning and a we’re really asking for feedback :smile:

To answer one of the most common questions in the thread so far: we had initially investigated having WCS prevent capture of the point instead of preventing activation of the acceleration gate, but we decided to go with this proposal largely because we can effectively check ship fittings on gate activation with much less of a server performance hit than it would take to repeatedly check ship fittings while capturing the point itself.

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Will this check affect the gate slide? You are temporarily invulnerable in cruiser and below when you spam the activation upon landing. We call it sliding.

ps. I also wanted to add that I wouldn’t care about mobile depot use inside the plex. It will only lead a bunch of dead mobile depots, worth more than a throw away fit, tbh.

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You could also check cargo hold for stabs / cloak and/or mobile depot as well so no need to check for those on grid in case you want to prevent fitting stabs and/or cloak inside the complex thus not having to repeatedly check such on grid conserving server resources.

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Wouldn’t it just be easier to ban the deployment of Mobile Depots inside FW pockets?

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2nd this! :smiley:

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Could perhaps just remove stabs from the game, or limit specifically the type of ship they can be fit to.

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As much as I like to occasionally hunt a stabbed farmer using a cloaked astero, I can understand the need to disallow cloaking if you think bots are making excessive use of cloaks inside a plex. I’m sure my little side project of hunting stabbed farmers is a minor use in comparison. (i also doubt the seriousness of people saying they cloaky hunt in plexes, probably only as a bit of a joke)

edit: disallow wcs inside the plex, yes 100%. but under the condition you add a caldari navy wcs to their lp store. and also rework the Maulus Navy

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Wouldnt be possible to remove its stability effect in site instead of trying to figure out how to prevent people from refitting in site?

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That would affect a lot of things, way beyond the scope of what they are trying to do here.

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How much of a performance hit would it be if the gate check looked for WCS in cargohold as well?

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Awesome! Just Awesome changes!

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After the years of suffering the plague of farmers and botters. Finally… we’ve got at least something. This is a good sign. Please don’t forget about the FW, there are still things had to be fixed.

Passive capture % decay would be a damn nice thing. It won’t affect much if someone will decide to take system with a plexing fleet and in the same time can help to defend systems which are plexed on occasion.