Rapidly declining player base

I sent a mail to the support@eveonline.com and info@ccpgames.com and got redirected to the forums. So… Here I am.

Dear CCP Games,

Please, read this mail thoroughly

I’m sending this email to you because I’m deeply concerned about where Eve is going. The game has been declining since 2008. And this fact hurts me, because the game doesn’t have to decline in players nor quality.

I’ve noticed that Eve has become yet another pay to win, or cash grab game. We, the players do not like that at all, mainly because most the player base just cannot afford Omega

The game doesn’t receive as much updates as it used to, the game simply is becoming boring and expensive, and that is why a lot of players quit.

I love this game, I really do. But I cannot play it anymore I’ve tried over and over but after a week or 4,5 I get bored and leave. And I’m a fourteen-year-old…

If you fail to keep the game exciting and ask for $20, we, the younger generation cannot keep playing your game.

I hope that the people at CCP realize that your player base is aging and rapidly declining. the 40–60-year-olds won’t be able to play your game forever. We kids don’t have $20 to spend each month on a game to progress, we also don’t have the sheer amount of patience it takes to even advance in this game, nor can we really…

There’s so much to talk about, but I should stop now.

I’m looking forward to your answer and we can have a chat if you would like, but please, do not let this game die it’s too beautiful.

Kind regards,


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