Really? Again CCP? Invasion in SOE epic arc systems

This proves that highsec is still too dangerous. To fix this, CCP should remove all PvE content from highsec, with exception of career agents (who are there just to teach you basics anyway). Isn’t it stupid that Guristas can sneak thousands of battleships everyday in Caldari higsec? If you want to fight Guristas, then you should go to Gurista space.


Heard this opinion so many times now…it still is wrong…

The OPPOSITE should be done and lvl5 should be brought to high only…the more content you have to play in high(beside beeing killed just for the killmail as many ganker do) the better for the game…

I don’t get why removing content from high should benefit a new player…those who actually WANT to be bothered with this whole low and null sec garbage will go there anyway and those that not want it should be protected from it…

I fail to see why this should be a problem…

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Should Triglavian PvE ships be allowed to pop new players in Arnon Y/N?

Sure they are…

It may surprise you but I personally have no problem with the epic arc beeing invaded,my problem is about career agent and school systems beeing blocked by it.

But the arnon epic arc is the first step into the “real” world so yes is my choice…even if it surprises you…

In my eyes you shouldn’t be able to actually DO the lvl1 epic arc in the first month but that would maybe too much for some here…

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Then why didnt you just say that instead of going off on one about PvP?

See, you can agree with me when you want.

Because i ALWAYS go off about high sec PVP…:slight_smile:

I just can’t stand it :slight_smile:


Thats a fair and honest response

Formed a random fleet through the trig channel yesterday and whacked a couple of hundred of these last night, was fun. Avoid the systems they’re in if you’re newish. And if you get shot down, be happy it’s an npc and not a capn crunch n doughnut gankster squad. If you need to go through one of these systems, just move quickly, don’t linger around, you’ll be ok.

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Excellent, its good content. Glad to hear you are enjoying it.

Ramona what’s happening lol. They’re coming, run.

Nah mate, thats just me and my team of Magnates. Just ignore us, we are just cleaning up the messes.

Yes, Eve at its finest since 2003.

Seperating the entitled and braindead mmo crowd from the rest.


by getting instalocked by a ship entity like a npc doesnt doesnt need to depend on a server tick. Traveling around empire i do a lot in a cloaky hauler or something, and numerous times in low and null.

I pulled a huge amount of cargo out of a low sec station where a tornado was camping the gate and couldnt get me, he went to the station to get me when i docked or undocked and couldnt get me. he then proceeded to online all of his tornado alts after the first few tries to attempt to get me. after about 20 runs in my viator and attempted ganks every time, i was finished.

the only times ive died in a cloaky is either a gate was being smartbombed, or the server screwed me in jita where i landed on station on my bookmark with ap set to dock right away, got ganked on station but my pod was back on gate where i warped in next to my wreck.

the trigs ive been locked as soon as i moved and hit cloak without any lag and the system tells me i cant cloaked due to target lock.

Im also hearing people saying they’ve had trig move in their location when they were watching the fleet cloaked and even 1 guy saying he had a cloaked ship at a safe spot that was destroyed by trig.

so there discussion around by what trig can do and can not do, and so far it seems to be more cans.

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But that would defeat the goal of the experiment.
You can’t observe the effect of something on someone when he know what you expect. Also the people at CCP who analyze data must not know what they are actually doing otherwise they may interpret the result in a biased way. That’s called double blind experiment : I don’t know if or not something affect you, and you don’t know what may or not affect you, so I can tell in which cases there is an evolution, and someone else who know whether or not you are affected can tell from my analyzis whether or not what we are studying has an effective impact.

Not sure how you dare put that here.
“let’s just keep telling ourselves that as the earth slowly keeps rotating”.
Please show me a clear evidence that making eve easier would actually encourage new players to stay on long term.
As gadget says, I agree though that warning would be helping.
Also I agree that they should not spawn in career systems, just because the rats in those systems are supposed to be noob-level.

Agree. There is too much to learn for a noob to be able to run invasions on day1, I think (but no experiment on this)

They are as free as the mineral you mine yourself. Rembmer they don’t fall from the sky, they are supposed to be a reward for people who successfully made the career agents missions - and lost ships in the process.

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I definately agree from my experience with them. However, there is only a little that a new player needs to know to be able avoid them.

Also, did you know you can go in and out of a Player Structure freely when engaging them out side the structure? Youre even off-aggroed while under tether.


Still, they are niether hard to get or suitable for a new player, unless they already know what they would like to do with it.

Once you got one, you need a lot of time to find the next career agent, get there, and do the missions - especially since the retarded NPE tells you to use the AP and get ganked on its way. They are actually a limited resource for new player, require time, knowledge, and from a new player perspective, very expensive.

It’s not about adding triglavians.
When CCP adds next ships the issue will remain the same.

It’s about the overview being show-on-selected instead of hide-on-selected . Whenever CCP adds new types to the game, those types should be added by default to all overviews, only hidden when player actively hides them.

see Make overview "filter by type" removal instead of adding

yep, I said that too :

You are completely wrong. Its about ccp forcing on customers an other product as they order. I go to pve the moment i want not when you ccp or whoever wants. Capice?

Good thing you never wanted to go pve at 11:05 :slight_smile: