Recruited - Thanks!

NO LONG LOOKING FOR A HOME! Thanks for your interest!

I just returned after a long break and am looking for a Corporation that wouldn’t mind having an Amarr main in their numbers. As I understand shields are the main go-to but I very much prefer to fly Amarr anyways.

What I’m looking for is mainly PvP content with a side of PvE; so Faction Warfare/Piracy/Null Sec is fine, so long as you can help supply content.

I’m about 27m SP atm iirc.

So drop a post telling me what your corp is looking for and what they can provide, and I’ll be more than happy responding. Fly safe! o7

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Wormholes sounds like the best spot for you!

  • Awesome small gang PvP
  • Content magically appears through new wormholes
  • Best group PvE content in the game!

As for your Amarr obsession, the Legion is great for armor doctrines while the Curse is great support for shield fleets. If you’re feeling wild, the neut Bhaalgorn is a beast. We use all three heavily!

Check us out, and come chat if you like what you see!

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Thanks for taking the time to talk to me in discord, I’m still looking for other Corps just to make sure I join what’s best for me. o7

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Hey dude,

RDC could be what you’re looking for. Small gang PVP, Industry and PVE.

We have an in-game channel, Red Steele, if you want to check us out.

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I’ll join it in the morning, I forgot to mention I’m US Central TZ. Just can’t sleep for some reason tonight =/

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here have a look at this ad see if it suits you lots of pvp where we live and pve content is there to PoD- Recruiting pilots for small gang pvp (lowsec based)

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Thanks to everyone who was interested in my recruitment! As of now I have found a home. Take care, and fly safe!

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