Red vs Blue: Join the Forever War Today!

24 years I’ve been living next door to…

New fc’s Stepping up :grinning: come help then continue the fun and games!

Team America :grinning:

What’s happening with RvB? Did check Dotlan and see significant members drop for both blue and reds, pretty much shame.

Any further improvement from corp management?

Maybe reorgsnisation, making an alliance etc.

We trimmed several months more of inactives and lots of members with no killboard or mining losses only. We are almost to the point where all remaining members have logged in under the new leadership. Just a severe purge, but activity is same for the past 6 mos or so

lets see how this goes then :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas from RvB :+1:

Happy new year

My main which has the most PVP skills is also my main ISK winner generally via combat sites, exploration etc, would that be a problem.

Also, and whilst I am sure your 24/7 activity, I am EUTZ (UK), what is the activity levels like from say 5pm to 10pm eve time?

It would not be a problem if you watch local and stay out of our main Area of Operations, only a handful of systems.

Our EU Time Zone is the largest/most active, so about 18-2200 is our “Prime Time”

Thanks @Nikolai_Mazinkov, I need to sort out some logistical stuff then I think I’ll join.

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hi keen to join with my frig pvp oriented char. I’vr tried the channel R-V-B, but there is no one there.

please let me know who to email in game?

alt name: Evan Golgman

hi Nikolai,

Really keen to join with my frig pvp alt. will fly all races. in the process of skilling up all wrapons (via plex, not waiting)

please let me know who to contact to join please?

Evan Goldman

Hi Nitro,

I am very keen on learning pvp. I have an alt (seems to becoming my main:) The alt will flt all non-advanced frigs and use all T2 weaponary. Investing plex into it - thats how much I want to start pew pew :)))

Shall mail u in game? or you can drop me mail:
Evan Goldman

Hope to speak to u soon!

mind if I ask you? how did you managed to join? who did you contact?

kind regards

Evan Golgman

hehe, seems we found the right channel, :smiley:

Do you accept bored old timers ?

Hi all, i Just came back to eve after a loooong time. Id like to join RvB… How do i do it?
Thx, Marco

find myself or nitro oxide in game, and then you found our respective corporations,


you can join channel “R-V-B” in game to chat with some members and recruiters to ask some questions.
simply click apply when you are ready and we will send you an invite within a few hours. :slight_smile:

In the meantime, you can read our info in that in game channel to see what station to get to, info to read, and download / setup mumble. :slight_smile:

we are at war, so wait until you get to our house to accept the invite!