Redicuously Awesome Winged Reptiles - Low Sec Underdogs

Redicuously Awesome Winged Reptiles Is a Low sec Focused Entity with a deep seated history within the Region of Solitude. Having taken a break in the year 2016, The corporation is back on its feet and looking for new applicants. We are looking for US TZ. Other Timezones are welcome, but you will end up losing sleep for it!

With a renewed focus on Pure PVP activities, we specialize in small low sec and null sec gang war-fare.

Team Speak and a working microphone is needed for communication.

Discord/Slack is recommended but not required.

Solitude and Syndicate regions are ripe with Small gang Engagements, with many opportunities for 3rd partying on larger fights. Black ops capable pilots are particularly welcome.

Jump freighter services are on hand and easy to use, with no charge to you.

New players are welcome and encouraged to learn a new form of warfare within New Eden. If interested join Channel RAWR- Pub or send a Convo or EVE-Mail to Drake Arson.

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Keeping active in Solitude, looking for more to join us!

Our Sister Corp Filthy Peasants got a nice Kill the other day. More to come! Join today!

Still Here, Still making fools of ourselves.

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