Redux. UK Roaming Corp


Redux: - is a post-positive adjective meaning “brought back, restored”

comprising a gregarious bunch of rooks, knaves, swindlers and all round cheeky chappies, hailing mosty from Glorious and Infallible Blighty with a sprinkling of vikings and troublesome colonials from accross the pond…

what we require from you are 25 million points of skill, a certain adeptness at the little known art of witty banter and big ol’ set of cast iron spheroids!

If for some strange reason you still want to join this gaggle of mischievous rascals then contact Alisandent, Matt Emery or Join in game channel Dux. Pub for an interview, and join us purging the galaxy of lesser beings, carebears and nubs!

So all the best with your application, I’m sure you will knock em dead! unless of course you’re an complete bamp…

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Love and Kisses,

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join us forever and ever

If you are looking for a fun PVP corp then look no further we are building a community of friends and with over 190 kills in our first week we have more to come. Don’t be shy come say hi in our public channel Dux. Public.

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