[Rental][Deklein]Rental space available in Deklein

Legio Ferro is offering rental space & shared rental space in Deklein for anyone who needs it but cannot afford entire systems.

Our shared rental or rental space is surrounded by allies/blue’s and has a great intel support for when its needed.

  • Fixed price depending on char size
  • Open to PVE and Mining
  • Safe citadels to dock in
  • Great local market
  • PVP Fleets available
  • Chat with your fellow renter via voice.

Benefits of shared renting
By renting a system shared with others you’re no longer on your own when it comes to keeping a high military or industry level thus making sure there are good sites to run. You also have more backup if things go wrong, if a wh needs closing or say a dread spawn happens.

If to many shared renters are in 1 system, more systems will be added to dilute the number of people per system.

Its a lot cheaper then renting an entire system on your own and yet you get all the benefits. Prices start as low as 1bil a month.

How to rent?
Join our discord server and get in contact with one of our Admins and they will give you all the info needed.

Want to speak to someone ingame directly then try these characters:
-Keldalorn Okaski

Bump we got some room left.

We even have free beer for all.

Rent now and get the rest of this month free!

We also have all the slaves you could ever need.

Welcome to all people! even animals or whatever you identify as.

This is your destiny!

We welcome even the most damaged souls

Will there be blackjack and hookers? Hell yeah!

There will be, they are free!

:one: :three: :three: :seven:

Come join us in Deklein, you’ll love it

:fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: