[ Rental Program ] We provide highest quality rental service [ Frat / region share ]


What is the Service?

  • Service is not simply to provide something
  • Service is not just about managing quality

=> Customer’s satisfaction. That is the essence of service




We are Provide satisfaction to Your Corporation

For now, there has been no such offer
We provide the highest quality rental service in the entire universe

Fraternity is offering the Shared system rental program [ Oasa ]
We offer you the best service program that has never existed and will never exist
Cyno.up Alliance is Our program



You are free to use 68+ systems at will
Oasa region is yours

Are you worried about the price?
We provide all services at a really cheap price. starting at 1.5B a month Based on the number of members


What we Provide

  • 68+ systems are freely available
  • You can Ratting , Mining , exploration . escalations , Ice mining ( 9+ system )
  • Standing Fleet , We protect your ESS Isk
  • Everyday Pop-up r32 / r64 public moons / More then 70+ Moons
  • You can rent a private R16 moons
  • 90% of Drone Land Alliance are Blue standing
  • We have All structures for production / Indy
  • You can anchor your structure If u need it
  • Alliance Jump Freighters service
  • Alliance Buyback Programs
  • Discord/Teamspeak channels for communication with leadership and other residents
  • Avalible for small and bigger corperations
  • Monthly fee based on corporation member numbers. starting at 1.5B a month

For more detailed questions, please contact to us



Customer is always King
We are always looking for Customer !
Please contact us

in-game mail : Shostakovich , Jack Marshal
Discord ID : Shostakovich#2802

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Is it really possible to provide something like this? I’ve heard that FRT has grown a lot lately… but it’s amazing. I will contact you later. I’ve been living in the rental alliance for a long time, but this is best place

Yes it is!
We are looking for Corporation who want to rent in Null , or want to live in here!

Join Us! Contact to me, i will explain to you more

Times have changed
There is no longer any profit margin from the rental of individual systems
Region Share seems like a really good program
The price is reasonable and the systematic service is excellent !

If I anchor the structure in your rent space , do you guys protect our structure?

looks like very good service

We manage our corporation with the highest quality service.

Protects all structures and instantly forms up fleets When ESS Gank.

Damn I love this alliance!

After join this Alliance, I made Dang isk!

also all service is very nice

Are u still live in Expensive and Low service renter space?

This is really good chance!

Join us!

Today R64 moon also pop-up!

Please mining this !

no one mining that lol

Make isk with us!

make your small kingdom!

small / big corp both very welcome

We give you the best Service for you



best service , Best speed !!