REPZ is a corp looking for pilots to join us in null

Replicatorz are a small tight-nit Nullsec Corp based in Querious/Catch regions under the Dracarys Alliance/Imperium.

We are looking for laid back and social players who are active and self-sufficient. We are primarily looking for USTZ players.

Some perks of the corp/alliance are:

-Readily available Nullsec Market – Biggest player made market in the game.

-Daily R64 Moon Mining with boosts

-Discounted capital ships

-Wide array of systems to rat/mine/explore

-Small gang and large gang PVP access

-Blueprint Library

-Capital and industrial Infrastructure readily available

-Jump freighting services available to/from Jita

What we require:


-20 million SP minimum

-3 Fleet attendance per month.

join our discord and see if we are a fit for you REPZ

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Join the revolution.

bump, recruiting filthy crabs and pvp pilots.

Come make isk!


Every night I dream of adventure and grandeur. Having fun, meeting people, flying ships, making isk, losing ships, having good fights. I wish they would never end.

Then I wake up, and realize I’m stuck here. And I need help getting out. They won’t let me leave.

bump, looking for ustz players.


Bump, activity is rising and we are looking for people interested in PVE/PVP.

still recruiting

bump, looking for pilots still

looking for salty af pilots who laugh in the face of wokeness!

REPZ is still recruiting


we are still recruiting

“Tired of losing ships? Come lose them with us!”

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still looking for more pilots to join in the fun


Lets go yo!

still recruiting come join in the fun