Resource Density Changes

Consumption (minerals consumed in industry jobs).

So if no one does industry in low sec ccp may rule that we don’t need/want all ores being redistributed to where they’re not needed.

Outposts never had stuff blow up either.
And pre outposts we didn’t have fleets like we do now.
So you can’t compare to the null POS days.

Lots of people do industry in Lowsec - the Thukker rigs only work there! I suspect that low/null belt mining will become more popular if Dark Ochre, Hedbergite, Hemorphite and Jaspet are the main sources of Nocxium.

i hope they completely randomize ICE anoms spawn locations along the re-distribution phase.

Being able to mine in null with rorqs just because ore belts spawn every time you finish one is broke and as been for years.
Now ccp have the tools to fix it .

  1. Take all ore and ice enoms out of game except for the random ore belts that spawn and normal system belts.
  2. Make ore and ice moon mining the main way to gather resources with the amount and size based on null sov system indexes or true sec of 0.5 systems.
  3. High sec moons will have low sec ore and ice low sec moons will have null ore and ice null sec unchanged.
  4. Redistribute minerals in high end ore and increase moon goo mineral content.
  5. Bring on the anthanor wars …