Ressurection Skies


Resurrection Skies Enterprises is looking for industrialists and miners.

Does shooting lasers at mineral-laden space rocks give you joy? Do you say the words “I wish I had a place to tear down a moon pop with my Orca” more than three times a week? Does the mysterious and powerful Industry button in a station haunt your waking hours - counting the IRL work minutes till you can sign on and check your queues?

Come make your home here at RXSK!

We are looking for self-motivated miners and industrialists who want to make use of the resources available to our corporation and alliance. From HS and LS moon-pops, gas huffing, ice mining, and wormhole resource exploitation, RXSK has something for everyone.

We are looking for space nerds who love EvE, love industry specifically, but those who are also willing to learn to PvP in order to defend stations and the areas we harvest resources in when the time comes to put down structures. If this sounds like you, please come speak with our recruiters in-game or in discord.

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