Resurrection Complex - Looking for Conscripts!


(Aurelia Breeze) #21

RezCo - Looking for PVP and PVE Pilots to join us in Null.

(Aurelia Breeze) #22

Still recruiting like a madman. Looking for “Active” players.

(Aurelia Breeze) #23

Looking for some content? Sick of Corps who sit on their *** and don’t actually get stuff done?

Try RezCo and NEVER look back!

(Aurelia Breeze) #24

More of the usual ~

(Aurelia Breeze) #25

Recruiting, as always ~

(Aurelia Breeze) #26

Recruiting PVPrs and Active PVE characters o/

(Aurelia Breeze) #27

RezCo - Helping Nullbears become something more!

Recruitment is still open, growing at a steady pace but still searching for a few more pilots to join our cause o/

(b4zik15) #28

Thanks for the response, been thinking of going back to null. I know some corps/alliances require consistent activity in null, but what are your rules? I normally will be on past 9pm central us time. Can say on the weekends ill be active more. Just wanting to get more of a feel for what you require.

(Aurelia Breeze) #29

PM’d you in game and thanks for considering RezCo!

Above is our new Corp Logo (for website) designed by Sir Xeon Peacemaker ~ Although this is just a first draft.

Still recruiting members for EU and US Timezones, plenty of fleet activity and we’re pretty relaxed about you having to have a presence online, all we ask is if you’re on, be on comms of some sorts so we can actually be socialable and help each other if stuff happens. No point beeing in a corp if you’re not “part” of it.

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34mil SP Pilot looking for corp
(Aurelia Breeze) #30

Recruitment still ongoing - looking for members who are the right fit for our crazy little corp.

(Aurelia Breeze) #31

Seeking PVP Minded players to join fleets with us and have access to a great ratting/mining pocket.

(Kukunga Issier) #32

This thread is best thread.

42 mil SP pilot looking for home
(Aurelia Breeze) #33

Best thread is best!

Recruitment open ~

(Aurelia Breeze) #34

Still looking for PVP Focused Pilots

(Aurelia Breeze) #35

Recruiting like-minded pilots who want to shoot stuff in nullsec

Not looking for new bros but don’t mind pilots who lack experience and want to learn ~

(Aurelia Breeze) #36

Still recruiting people but we’re only looking for a couple more pilots, so if you think you’d fit in with our group or want to see if we share the same values/want the same out of Null message me o/ EU pilots wanted

(Aurelia Breeze) #37

Recruitment is still open for PVP Minded Pilots ~

(Aurelia Breeze) #38

Recruiting PVP minded pilots, not after ratters who carebear and crab all day ~

(Aurelia Breeze) #39

Recruitment open ~ looking for like minded pilots to join us in fleets of mid to Large scale!

(Aurelia Breeze) #40

Recruitment is open for PVP Pilots who are looking for fleet battles and good space to make isk in during downtime.