Resurrection Complex - Looking for Conscripts!


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Daily reminder we are still recruiting ~

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Looking for Subcap and Capital Pilots ~ Predominantly EU/US TZ

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Looking for Subcap and Capital Pilots ~ Predominantly EU/US TZ
Wonderous Glory/Firey Death awaits you in our Staging systems

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Recruiting EU primarily right now ~ hit us up in game

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Totally not a Bump.
Recruitment open

(Aurelia Breeze) #66

Join us in Glorious Combat o/

Looking for pilots to make RezCo and Razor Alliance even stronger! Join us in our Public Chat.

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Bumpfest as Usual ~
Recruitment is open, come take a look and see if we’re for you ~

(Aurelia Breeze) #68

Looking for EU and UE TZ Pilots ~ Come have a chat with us and see if we can provide you the content you’re seeking

(Aurelia Breeze) #69

Recruitment open for PVP Pilots (PVE pilots who want to PVP are also welcome)

(Aurelia Breeze) #70

Recruitment open - New Players welcome

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Recruitment open o/

(Aurelia Breeze) #72

Recruiting PVP PIlots ~ Come have a chat with us

(Aurelia Breeze) #73

Recruitment Ongoing

(Aurelia Breeze) #74

Recruiting EU players and US players for the corporation, we’re EU heavy so if you’re looking for lots of content and some guys to hang with, come have a chat in our recruitment channel ~

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Obligatory Bump Guys ~
Recruitment still open, looking for EU Pilots primarily

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Recruitment Open o/ Come join the PEW PEW

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Recruitment is still open, come have a chat with us and blow up some Pixels.

(Aurelia Breeze) #78

Recruitment is still open Ladies and Gents and the more questionable kinda people (those are the ones we want), come join us in Glorius Razor Alliance and Shoot some Nerds.

Apply here:

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Recruitment still open peeps o/

(Aurelia Breeze) #80

As per the above ~