Returning 100m + 45m indy alt US central

I am returning from a 2.5 year hiatus and am getting my head wrapped around all the changes. I’m looking for a good corp to team up with. As to what exactly the corp focus should be, I’m pretty open. Frankly, to a large extent the group is more important that what it does. No nrds, however.

My main is 100m in combat skills. Fair to say I can fly most any doctrine. I do want to have some opportunity for small gang pvp. I am open to teaming up on pve as well including helping newbros.

My alt (this toon) is 45m sp in mining/mfg/invention. Also flies cov ops/falcon, as well as orca, providence, and can easily skill jf. I primarily used this toon in the past as a cloak scout and t2 inventor/manufacturer. Ideally, a corp would have its own structures for these purposes or be actively working toward it.

I do prefer to take both characters to a corp and use both if possible, but I won’t rule out other arrangements. Otherwise, I am probably stuck with my indy/isk making alt in a 1 man corp which sucks.

Last, about me…I am US central time and usually on during the week around 0100-0400 eve, later on weekends. I am married, kids, etc, so rl first and all that. That said, I do have time to play and will be reasonably active. I am not interested in mandatory alarm clock ops with 4 hour formups nor comms rage by virgin neckbeard nerds living in moms basement.

Mail me or msg this toon in game. Thanks for looking.

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Welcome back sir to the addiction!!! H0CI is a established corp, we live in 0.0 and own sov. We are a pvp corp and have roams almost on a nightly basis, but we really do understand that RL comes first. We are a more mature corp as most of our members are like yourself, married, have kids, a job, and like sunlight in regular doses. We have members out cause of having kids, please note these kids are fully expected to join the corp.

H0CI is a family, we have members in corp now going on 5 years, and some from 5 weeks, we are always growing and looking to add new blood. I would like to chat with you for a few and see if our corp might be a good match for you.

Its holiday weekend so ill be hit and miss, goooooo retail…But feel free to join our in game channel, HoC recruiting, or message Krinari if she is around, and we would like to see if your a match!!!

Hi Kaalir,
Would you consider nullsec small gang pvp specifically?
If so - Agony Unleashed is recruiting!
Nullsec, small gang pvp, semi nomadic and go where the gfs are, strong social bond, website, discord, killboard, ts etc
Drop me a line or hop on our discord channel if you are interested!

Hey @Kaalir

Sent you an in game eve-mail.

Lets chat.



evemail sent

What you need is some new excitement.

Some new fun !

What you need is right here is corp add:

Here at The Dark Space Initiative, we’re looking to swell our ranks with willing and active PvP-focused pilots. We’re one of the oldest and most successful corps in WH-space with over 8 years of experience under our belt! With the expansion of citadels it’s never been easier to move into and live in a wormhole. Come live with a long-established WH corp to reinvigorate your love of Eve! We live out of a no effect C5 with a C5 static which provides us with plenty of opportunities to pew pew with the locals.

Old Thread

Activities include, but not limited to:

  • Enemy WH raids
  • Null-Sec / Low-Sec roams
  • Going ballsdeep with capitals in High-Class WH space
  • Both large-scale & small-gang PvP
  • Spec OPs
  • Blops
  • Content spanning EU, US & AU time-zones.

What WE Want From YOU:

  • Able to fly, or close to flyng, one of the following: (1) Gila w/ T2 Tank, (2) Confessor or (3) Interdictor.
  • Frigate V in any race, or able to fly an Astero.
  • Able to fit and use Covops Cloaking Device.
  • One of the following: (1) PvP experience or (2) WH experience
  • Omega Clone
  • Good attitude; Willingness to learn new doctrines
  • Working headset w/ microphone
  • Active

What YOU Will Get From US:

  • A cozy C5/C5
  • Friendly corpies who assist with PvE farmhole setup, if needed
  • Closely connected community that creates content in and out of game
  • Corp Store - Fully fitted doctrine ships sold in-house
  • Sweet meetup events like Eve Northeast, Eve Dublin, Eve Glasgow as well as a huge turnout for Eve Fanfest and parties with the devs!

Third-Party Tools Used/Required:

  • Pathfinder - WH chain mapping interface
  • Discord - Fleet / content pings, out-of-game communication
  • Fleet-Up - Doctrine planning

To apply, please (1) visit our public in-game recruitment channel, TDSIN Recruitment, to speak our recruiters. Then, (2) complete our online application.

Our Videos:

Eve Fanfest

ExookiZ: Wormhole Space Panel Fanfest 2016

ExookiZ: Fanfest Alliance Panel 2016

Joseph Barnacle O’Sullivan: Fanfest Alliance Panel 2014

ExookiZ: Fanfest Alliance Panel 2013

ExookiZ: Fanfest Alliance Panel 2012

Alliance Tournament Ads

2016 AT Ad

2014 AT Ad


TDSIN vs LZHX, QEX & HK - “Release the Kraken” - 230b ISK Cap Fight

TDSIN vs Provi Scrubs





TDSIN: It was a Scary 2015

Hey there!

Krypted Gaming is looking for quality, social pilots to join us on our space adventures. We are a community focused on quality over quantity, and look for pilots with great attitudes towards the game and fellow players. We live in the nullsec region of Deklein, and are proud members of SLYCE.

We aim to be,

  • Tight Knit (~40-50 actual humans)
  • Highly active (88.5% of our members are online daily)
  • Top Contributors in PvP & Industry (top 3 for monthly alliance fleet participation)
  • Knowledgable & Approachable (tons of guides on our website)

Whether you are a new player or veteran, we are looking for team players who want to contribute to a community. All of our members are active, decent human beings (except our corporate Grandpa, Helltrek) with lives outside of the game. Given that, we also have plenty of memes!

Monthly Krypted Updates
Fleet Commander Logs
EVE Online Guides

Come chat with us in our Discord!

We are a very rounded corp that has opportunities for both industry and pvp. Take a look and see if you are interested:

We are pro-Minmatar, anti-Amarr so if you did join, you’d need to change that character background :slight_smile:


Greeting and salutations,

STK-Scientific currently has a few openings, which leads me to posting on this recruitment/job board.

Who are we?
• An experienced industrial and pvp corporation, that successfully blends the two, stretching back to nearly the very beginning.
• We have participated in every major war in the game to speak of.
• More than our fair share of firsts and seconds.
• Constructed and deployed the first new Tartara refinery in game.
• More than enough firsts and seconds and a crew that sticks together through it.
• Very cohesive, friendly group. We are seeking quality over quantity, which is why our recruiting methods, interviews, and standards are so high. Don’t let that deter you, for it might be the perfect home for you in which you end up playing with the same group of people for years.
• Inside and outside of game community, enjoying playing not only EVE but other games together when something fresh and fun comes out to play.
• Community extends to social media, discord, coms, and sometimes text shenanigans.

What do we have to offer?
• We are a member of The Initiative, arguably THE BEST entity in the game for PVP. Our alliance is a member of the Imperium coalition, a group of some 30,000 players that have proven that a lowly bunch of rifter pilots with no Skill points can grow into a large group that creates content, enjoys their time online, and has become a strong group of friends – sometimes memes too!
• Thriving pvp and pve opportunities abound.

• We have multiple ready action fleets on a daily basis along multiple fronts.

Large Fleet Actions Medium Fleet Actions Small Fleet Actions Black Ops Fleet Actions
150+ people 50-150 people 20-50 people 5-20 people
1-2 per day 2-5 per day 2-3 per day 2-3 weekly

• Be a part of newly developing trends, fleet comps including the vaunted and feared Snatch Fleet, and come drop the hammer with us - Burn it with fire!

Tier 1 ISK Opportunities Tier 2 ISK Opportunities Tier 3 ISK Opportunities Amenities
Explore - Data/Relic/Combat sites Ratting in capitals and supers Thriving Market to seed Maximum indexes
Mining in barges to rorquals Industry - build/react/copy/sell Moon Mining Refineries, Engineering complexes, and a Keepstar

• Active – always 40-50 on our voice coms and alliance even at the quietest up to several hundred for peak times.
• No matter where your assets are in game, they can be moved to our space.

What are we looking for?
• Someone that is active. That means you are playing 2-3 times a week or more. This is your primary vice.
• Someone that will be interested and active in coms and chat.
• Someone that is either knowledgeable about pvp/fleet mechanics or is willing to learn and develop.
• We don’t have room for F1 monkeys. We have some of the absolute best FCs in the game and that means that our fleets are successful through attentive pilots that are situationaly aware and can think on their feet.
• Someone that can fly doctrine ships or is willing to modify their skill plan for a 30-90 day arrangement to get into fleet doctrine ships.
• Someone willing and eager to go on fleet (both large and small) events.
• Someone that is interested (as interesting as shooting rocks can be!) in being industrious and self-sufficient.
• Crucially important: We want people that can get where to they need to be, with or without help.
• You don’t need to be a space rock shooter, but you should be capable of earning a healthy living in our space without being on a welfare program!
• We use mumble and discord.
• The Initiative is 70 % EUTZ and 30 % USTZ. We have room for both, but we are particularly interested in finding three new USTZ pilots.

Do yourself a favor, find out if this opportunity is good for you. Real talk time – it might be a great fit and it might not.

Our core of players is very protective of each other and what we have established. Because what we offer, for most people, is such a good opportunity – we are very thorough in our recruitment process. We are one of the few corporations that was able to successfully blend being heavily into industry and pvp at the same time, most groups have to choose what to be good at. We chose both. Which is why we are looking for that special fit, someone who is interested in all aspects of the game and more importantly is a really fun person and good addition to our atmosphere.

Join our forums and apply HERE.

If you are interested in finding out more join our public channel in game STK Scientific and speak with myself (IGN: Sharnhorst von Deathwish), Waking Tea, or Ceema.

If your tired of the NULL SEC blob fleets that are a daily occurrence then come talk to us. Extreme Agony is a small gang PVP Corporation living in the busy south region of Curse. We are looking for team players and pilots that have PVP experience to join our Corporation. We are active during the US time zones and on weekends. Extreme Agony members are laid back and mature and understand that RL comes first, so if the wife or family have plans, no problem. We engage in small gang warfare roams, bubble camps gate camps and WH dives. No drama, just friends, fleets and kill marks on your ships.

in game recruiting channel: ExtremeAgony

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