Returning player - looking for a corp

We do all that in WH. It moves around a lot. we have a static lowsex exit/entrance. we run sleeper sites and pvp also, make stuff and are pretty laid back. we have a few opening for the right pilot. hit me up on discord Raleit#7718

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We at Niflhelm also have a WH based corp. Currently in a C2 with static HS and C1 connections. Okay planitary(the deeper you go the better), much better than HS. Eight members active daily in the EU timezone. Aliance is Wormlife. Check zKill website…

and you will find we are the dominant PVP corp in Wormlife.

We can teach you how to survive and thrive in wh space.

Hope you find what you’re looking for.


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Hey Nano!

Looking for a Nullsec corporation?
Look no further!
:skull_crossbones: -Hardcore pvpers
:skull_crossbones: -Null Sov Holders
:skull_crossbones: -Willing to help you train for PVP
:skull_crossbones: -Always ready to fight
:skull_crossbones: -Ratting and Mining Space
—> Join cepta pub in game to learn more!

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Hello NanoCube,

We are always looking for returning players who are looking to quickly take in all the changes. We are a very good WH Training Corp/Alliance. if you get a chance, please come by and see us…

Hope to see ya in space,

WHSOC -Jump to be Known


Hey NanoCube,

You want to give the pirate life in lowsec a try? I promise we do more than just yarr and gatecamp as we actually like to pretend we’re the pirate kings of the region :slight_smile: If you’d like to give pvp a try with plenty of opportunity to make isk, moon mine, and build stuff take a look at us here or give me a convo in game:

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Hey pilot, welcome back o/

I have sent an in-game mail with more details. Fly Safe o7

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Hey man. I just want to talk for a bit. i got a small low sec corp involved in big stuff and you sound like you would fit in great. try me on discord look for the bradoflife.

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Hey if you want to try fw we’re a small corp looking for pilots to build and grow. We’re casual but always looking for good content. If you want to be part of something from the beginning let me know.
Glwelcome back

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Hey NanoCube

We’re a new(ish) Hi Sec mining corp (initially), mainly EU TZ, and very new / returning player friendly.

I saw you said above you were previously mostly into mining / industry, which is us exactly right now, but as we develop, we plan to branch off into others areas, as opportunities come.

Our corp ad is linked below, and if you would like more info, or just to chat you can contact us these ways:

Private Chat / Mail: PLANKTON PLANKTON or Type Blue
In Game Chat: Sealand Guest Channel
Discord: Sealand Guest Channel

Cheers o/

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Horse Killers could be the corp your looking for, we do all aspects of eve.

Join public channel or PM me in-game.

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Have a look, we have a lot to offer

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Check us out man!

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Hey boss try looking at FUITA, we are part of the Pen is Out allaince (gallente fed) up in black rise low sec. We got lots of content available, whether it’s solo, small gang, or large fleet fights we can provide it all. Self sufficiently is the name of the game. Feel free to hit me up in game or join the channel “fuita pub”. .I look forward to hearing from you. Fly safe man!

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Guess I am playing solo then…

Sure I will give you all access to my personal data… Not !

Thanks anyway…


Did someone ask for your API? If so here is what the API is and why corporations inside game use them. It is not something that people can take your account information, just your in game activities to make sure you are who you say you are, or like SPAIS like to say, how good are you in finding out who I am?

Hope this clears up any fear of people doing you wrong related to this, if they asked for something else…ie your login account information, you should immediately advise CCP.


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Thanks Mr_Glasser :slightly_smiling_face:, i do know what the API is, but I don’t feel comfortable to give my private emails, although I could just delete them… Trust goes both ways, and I don’t know to who am I give it to, and why should I show all of my assets?
I don’t mind to show a few of them, but not all.

I understand the need for skills, corp history, even market, account balance, fittings etc…

But mail and assets? Why? Can anyone give me an explanation?

What I mean is that it’s a huge risk, until I find someone I can trust, this time I am flying solo…


Very good reasons for that. If you’re a potential spy, the evidence could be in the mails and assets, and in fact my corp has found more than one case like that.

That being said if you’re interested with a group that takes literally everyone, including spies, try checking out Pandemic Horde,

Really? Are the spies that stupid nowadays? Lol

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You would be surprised what SPAIS overlook. Even with alpha accounts now, they still make mistakes. If you catch someone as a liar, chances are they are up to no good. However, I have experienced people to lie over the silliest of things and turn out to be that they were embarrassed that they hadn’t experience something inside the game. Motive is what I mostly attempt to root out, prior to purging them.

In Game Mail is harmless as this shows activity that matches a portion of your in game lifestyle, if they are asking for IRL email…that is borderline insane and I wouldn’t give that out unless you wanted to do that.

Have a great day,

-A Simple Toon Protecting The Integrity Of WH Space Standards


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