Returning Player Seeking Wormhole Corp

I have 40mil SP and looking for a wormhole corp that has a C2/C3 that is willing to take on this individual and let me earn some dank isk with you guys… I am willing to scan down the chain if needed, also willing to help with CTAs just due to my time restraints I can only be on I believe AUTZ? Whatever this time zone is I dont really know, anyways I get drunk and like to do relic sites so would love to join with you guys…

Preferably someone with C2/C3 to highsec or lowsec static, in my timezone…

Thanks for reading I appreciate your guys time

Hi mate

Im in a corp that my be a fit for you look us up in our public channel solstice rises ill link our corp add so you can have a look and see what you think

I think you’d be a good fit:

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