Revelation v 28 Vexor/Thorax gang


Looking Good :slight_smile:

Ouuuh I thought that was the other way around. Still, you killed test, so it’s all good.

I think you are right with your target management. Dreads take forever to lock smaller things but it worked out anyway.

Though I have a question. You keep shooting with conflag alot at ranges that are a tad far out for conflag. Wouldn’t scorch be the better option?

Great action indeed. I just wonder why you aren’t jumped by enemy capital fleet? Back in days that would have happened very fast.

It’s only a dread, no one is going to form a cap fleet for that

Not anymore, since dreads these days are the equivalent of BBs back in the day in terms of cheap and abundant. Now supers are as common as dreads used to be. (CCP’s mineral yield creep.)

I don’t need the whole history of eve online, this video has been posted 7 days ago.

Was a great watch! Keep them coming

awesome fight!

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