Rewards for miners

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I guess you’d need a reward in order to sell that garbage. And plenty likes the SP event.
I can’t see how a skin and a tiny reward can fix anything. Isn’t it just a “I want” post? If they have damaged something, that doesn’t really sound like a solution to anything, other than the CODE. ego’s of course.

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what is a " New Order Mining permit"?
where did you buy it and what is that good for?

CODE Skin? what for? why?

CODE has a ugly logo … do we realyl need a ugly skin?

what damage happend to new eden? whats up and why?


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Funny when y spot CODE robots afk ratting . Ironic huh?

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Funny when a miner gets mad on a forum at 4 letters…


Winning since 2012


Who’s the miner?

Isn’t it just a “I want” post?

What have been damaged in order for a skin and a tiny reward for something utterly useless and without value could be fixing it? Your ego’s? What?

Looks more like whine posting than anything else.
Who is mad? What are you “winning”? I’m questioning your reasoning behind the OP. Looks like you can’t even defend your position, so you turn to your usual tactics… Miner calling. Instead, try yourself.

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Would a code skin make you come back and actually play the game, OP?

Corp/Alliance/Coalition skins and/or other identifying symbols/markings should have been a thing for about 15 years or more, but…w/e…

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who is mad?

Winning what?

Looks like you need a reboot , bot. ASAP

Humbly ask for close the thread, is trolling and is a normal attitude for thye OP.

I agree, this thread should be closed for obvious reasons.

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Ahh the new miner PVP.

Asking somebody else to do something that they can not.

You know you can scroll on if 4 letters offend you miners.

Praise James.

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