RezCo - Corpse Collectors Wanted!- Null PvP

Recruitment is open ~ looking for INdustry, PvE and PvP Pilots,~

Recruitment is open :gentlemanparrot: come find your new home ~

Recruiting players, come get space rich, and then space poor :wink:

We’re looking for quality members to join us in fun roams, ratting, mining and other nullsec related shenanigans, come have a chat.

Industrialists of questionable skills to assemble ships and guns are also welcome as the ships are not expected to fly for long anyway.

Jokes aside - looking for Ratters, Miners and PvP Enthusiasts Alike ~

Looking for a home? We’re rebuilding, looking for Industrialists, PvE enthusiasts and PvP Specialists~
Enquire within.

Looking for a new home? Looking for fun fights, good space and trolls to meme with? come have a chat.

Recruitment going well, still looking for a few more people though to flush out some timezones, come have a chat o/

Website is up and rebranded!

Come have a chat looking for Eu and USTZ pilots~

The usual stuff, come check us out ~

Looking for pilots to join our ranks ~
Alliance is also looking for corporations ~
Enquire within!

Looking for EU Pilots, come have a chat!

Come join us… We have so much fun :slight_smile:

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Recruitment open, seeking PvP pilots ~

Join RezCo! Home of the Trolls.

Looking for fun brawls? Stupid Roams? Come have a chat!

Looking for somewhere to make some isk, shoot some fools? Come check us out!

Recruitment open ~ Come have chat

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Recruitent Open bois ~

Recruitments open people~
Looking for EU/EST pilots. Come have a chat