[REZCO] - Nullsec - PvP


(Aurelia Breeze) #121

Looking for a home? We’re rebuilding, looking for Industrialists, PvE enthusiasts and PvP Specialists~
Enquire within.

(Aurelia Breeze) #122

Looking for a new home? Looking for fun fights, good space and trolls to meme with? come have a chat.

(Aurelia Breeze) #123

Recruitment going well, still looking for a few more people though to flush out some timezones, come have a chat o/

(Aurelia Breeze) #124

Website is up and rebranded!


Come have a chat looking for Eu and USTZ pilots~

(Aurelia Breeze) #125

The usual stuff, come check us out ~

(Aurelia Breeze) #126

Looking for pilots to join our ranks ~
Alliance is also looking for corporations ~
Enquire within!

(Aurelia Breeze) #127

Looking for EU Pilots, come have a chat!

(Morten Balle Petersen) #128

Come join us… We have so much fun :slight_smile:

(Aurelia Breeze) #129

Recruitment open, seeking PvP pilots ~

(Aurelia Breeze) #130

Join RezCo! Home of the Trolls.

Looking for fun brawls? Stupid Roams? Come have a chat!

(Aurelia Breeze) #131

Looking for somewhere to make some isk, shoot some fools? Come check us out!

(Aurelia Breeze) #132

Recruitment open ~ Come have chat

(Aurelia Breeze) #133

Back to the top!

(Aurelia Breeze) #134

Recruitent Open bois ~

(Aurelia Breeze) #135

Recruitments open people~
Looking for EU/EST pilots. Come have a chat

(Aurelia Breeze) #136

Recruitment open people ~ Looking for people interested in PvP ! Look us up

(Aurelia Breeze) #137

RezCo is recruiting o/
PvP Centric Corp looking for people interested in learning Pvp, occasional roams and the super serious fights that only happen in null.