[RRUST] Rusted and Rejuvenated - Sov Null - Cloud Ring - Triumvirate - Fleet and Small Gang PVP - US & EU TZ

Had a fight, lost some ships.

It happens

To the top!

Everyday i search and everyday you don’t join us. sounds like your making a mistake.

Dropping like its hot.

Then we killed some more:

Some dank fights today,

UF vs TRI:

Deepwater getting sleepy:

Bumpity Bump

Lots of random stuff to post about:


Athanor Defense:

JB Defense:

Whale Hunting:

Join today for content like this!!!

Still looking for pilots to be degerates with.

Always happy to take a fight doesnt matter if its a roam, small or mid sized.
Great Group of Guys that are always happy to do anything that involves shooting stuff.

Did someone say content?

Offensive Timer:

Random Blobbing:

Another roam, another marauder.