[RRUST] Rusted is Recruiting - Sov Null - PVP - US & EU TZ


Bumping for glorious content creation

we need to pay gate traffic controllers more

These guys are ok pvpers, gets my stamp of approval.
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The Plan is simple,

Rusted is recruiting

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! BlackRose. is falling apart!

Badump ching


b u m p !

Wow 4 days dub…

Lol we are getting bad at this also we did a fight and things

Fun fights to be had.

Video: [HERO] Litom Astra/Dread Battle (3-26-2022) [4K50fps] - YouTube

Spicy pods to kill with us

Still recruiting, come get it some action in!

Great location, full of fun activities from small to big PVP battles and plenty resources to build your own ships or make isk to buy them.

Serious about space business. But fun at the same time. +1 would RRust again

We do it for the kills