[S-L-X] Shadow Legion X is recruiting! [Null/C5 WH PVP CORP ] [EU/US]

Bumped again

Bumped once more need more AT pilots


Bump bump!

Bump bump bump, still recruiting!

25M sp ? Ouch

Yes it is the bare minimum. We are looking for players with basic pvp knowledge because we are a fully PVP oriented corporation where we rely on one another.

Bump bump bump, still actively recruiting

Hi hello. Bump. We are recruiting still and looking for more good men to join our tribe.

bump :blush:

bump :stuck_out_tongue:

Bump again!!


Bump bump, still recruiting




Bump bump bump!!

Another bump, we’re still actively recruiting!

Bump - also, moved here from the blobby null sec boredom, 0 content, unless its f1 fleet stuff.

Havent regretted it.
amazing fun, worth trying!