๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ S0B Alliance - LF Corps to join us in 0.0

Is your corp looking for a new alliance? Is null sec your next challenge in EVE? or just need a fresh hunting ground? S0B has established itself in Vale of the Silent. S0B is an old school PVP Alliance founded in Syndicate with more than a decade of history. S0B is now looking to add corporations to its rapidly growing family.

Your membership with us will grant your corp access to fleet operations, industry structures, and Sov null security space. We encourage all choice of play styles as long as PVP is at the front of the list. Sons of Bane is a member of the WC Coalition.

Whats offered:

  • Primary USTZ with a growing EU and AUTZ
  • Sov space in the Vale Region, with our coalition staging system is only 11 jumps from Jita, 1 jump to lowsec then a jump over to High.
  • Operational freedom to do what pleases you and your members
  • Standing fleet in all TZs
  • Access to Alliance structures and space for ratting.
  • Access to Jump bridge networks
  • Discord, Mumble, buyback programs.
  • Roams, Blop fleets and other PVP fleets both Alliance and Coalition
  • Nullsec mining fleets
  • C3 wormhole to make isk in and lvl 5 mission running.
  • Plenty to do to keep life fun

What we want:

  • Pilots capable of prospering Null Sec and aggressive pvp responses for home defense.
    Our success relies upon our members being aware and working together.
  • Organizations with strong leadership and tight knit groups with a minimum of 10 actives in their ranks.
  • Aligned Culture as value PVP above all else and our strategic goals are based around generating PVP content for our members. We want corps to help us attain these goals. We are relaxed, with no nonsense in a way that allows our members to grow and build their PVP skills.
  • A firm grasp that your corporation is yours to build and grow. We need thinkers and we donโ€™t want just F1 smashers.

Interested? Join our in-game recruitment channel SOB PUB,
Also feel free to join our discord ,
or ask a question here.

Bump - LF AUTZ bros to help fill the gap.

Bump for the fights

Another great night of small gang fun!!

LF pvp corps in EUTZ and AUTZ
Small gang style who want options.