S1NS love us or hate us! Eve online's Original Marmite Corp!

Looking for another 4 members EU TZ

Still looking

Still looking


Good corp for those who are looking to freely pvp.
Im looking for more noobs to fly in fleets with me XD


Bump :slight_smile:

willing to join haven’t played in a while…can fly garmurs and 7 hours to cynabal

Come join us for fun

  • sorry my bad 1 every 24h sorry ccp! "our logs show nothing we wish you speedy recovery "

Few new bros have joined us. Still recruiting. :slight_smile:


Still looking for guys

Having lots fun, still looking members

Bump still recruiting pvp’rs

:slight_smile: come join us in the pub chat !!

Merry Christmas All ,from Shadow incursion come join us

Recovered yet ? come join the fun

come join us

Happy New Year!!!

Join us!!! as we start a new year, a new chapter ! A New era!!! become part of it !!!

Join Shadow Incursion

come join the fun !