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What about following the incursion community around for a while? There’s no generic rat loot, but they never salvage their wrecks, and generate a butt ton of them. They also have a habit of leaving drones behind, which you can scan down and scoop. Anyway, salvaging can be a decent money maker for newbro’s, but it’s kind of a dead end career. There just isn’t the potential for growth that other careers have. You can find a link to the Warp to Me Discord here (look at the top row of options). Once joined, look for the “incursion-status” subchannel. It will give you useful information like where the HS incursion focus is, estimated despawn, and estimated spawn time when the focus is down. Oh, and one good thing about this is that it will help you develop your d-scan and/or probe skills, as you’ll have to use at least one of these methods to be able to find drones and wrecks.

Incursions themselves are pretty cool. You can make damn good money as a newbro (125mil / hr), it’s a social activity (but you don’t have to talk and can get lost in the crowd if you’re introverted), and there are different roles that you can do, which helps keep it engaging for longer (i.e. sniper, DPS, logi, anchor, drone bunny, Logi commander, and FC). We have written guides for the easier roles and even have training programs for the harder roles (like logi commander and FC). First things first, however, you have to be able fly one of the minimum fits (i.e. hyperion, dominix, rokh, or maelstrom), which require about 2 months of focused omega training (or 4 or so as an alpha) and approximately 380mil isk (ouch). Yeah, looks like resource scarcity has dramatically raised the price of T1 battleships. It wasn’t that long ago you could put a fit together for around 175mil. But I digress. Another downside is that covid lockdowns have brought in a fair amount of players into the game, which has increased waitlists times to about 2 hours or so :frowning: . But you can watch youtube or whatnot while you wait. Waitlists times can also be minimized if you fly AUZ timezone fleets during the week.

Dad Dex has some really good videos about running abyss filaments and combat exploration sites in alpha friendly fits. Definitely recommend checking his channel out.

Mining sucks. Well, I think it sucks. Some people like it. Miners also tend to be a friendly lot. If you’re going to do it, try to find other miners to mine with. Get boosts, hauling, reprocessing, their collective knowledge, and some conversation out of the deal.

You can make good money by blitzing missions, but it’s a long road to get to that point. In the meantime, you’ll be making garbage money.

I did enjoy my time doing industry, and don’t regret it, but I also am not exactly chomping at the bit to go back to it. I find it to be fun and rewarding, and you can definitely make some good money doing it, but I also spent most of my time docked up and socially isolated (i.e. I spent time managing industry slots and a spreadsheet rather than going on fleets or whatnot). I was also dumping all my SP into industry and science, which left my ship skills in the dumpster. Finally, I tended to treat it like a job, which contributed to burnout. Some people happily treat it more like a semi-passive income, so don’t think that you have to go all in in order to do it. Oh, and a good starting point might be to take that salvage you’ve been getting, and use it to make rigs.

Nullsec ratting can make decent to good money, and offers a rather clear and easy to follow progression path. You’ll need to join a NS group like Pandemic Horde or Brave Newbies, but they should both have ratting guides that will explain everything. They’ll also offer various advantages and opportunities (i.e. SRP for stratops, free ships, guides, PvP and PvE fleet opportunities).

You could also get into planetary interaction while you’re out there. PI in HS kind of sucks, but you can make some decent money semi-passively out in NS.

You can also consider a career in ganking or piracy. Some piracy corps do require killboard activity, but not everyone does. And they might even offer free cheap ships or SRP. Of course, the biggest advantage is the collective knowledge the provide. Trust me, you do not need to be a PvP god to be a profitable pirate, but you will have a much easier time reaching profitability under the guidance of those who have experience. Anyway, check out the Art of Poor by John Drees. He talks about various strategies and tactics, but, imho, he also does a really good job of selling piracy as a career.

Holy â– â– â– â– , this has turned into a wall of text. Hopefully, that will give you some ideas. Good luck. If you have any questions, ask. Players on the forums are usually helpful when it comes to answering questions.

Please stop crossposting.

Also, you’re looking at a highly unprofitable endeavor. With all due respect, you have already demonstrated profound ignorance by offering a 100k/jump transport service in another thread - I would advise you not to offer any more services until you have greater mastery of the game so as to know what endeavors are and are not worthwhile, and have a better idea of your time is actually worth in ISK (ie. opportunity cost in Economics 101 terms). If I were you, I would shut down both salvage service threads, and stop offering services entirely in the meantime.

Closed due to redundancy. You only need one thread on the matter, thank you.