Saving Eve...One Microtransaction at a Time! e·piph·a·ny!

Saving Eve…One Microtransaction at a Time! e·piph·a·ny!!!

CCP is drifting steadily toward PTW. Why not make that affordable…or at least where it’ll fit into a working man’s budget? This is a serious idea with terrible artwork/Paint® Skills:

For sale:

Cost: One good reason to keep playing.

That has been in the store for a long time. Not new. Not at all required. Gives no real benefit.

You get 6 months of Omega time. You’d probably buy omega anyway.
You get 500k SP. Helpful but will only get you to level 4 if you start from nothing, a good start but not finish most level 5 skills.
You get 2860 Plex. That can be sold in give for ISK for whatever you want, so that actually helps the in-game markets.
You get some skins. Pretty but doesn’t change anything.
And few other things.

No special weapons or ammo or shields or armor or power source etc.

Hardly a PTW bundle.

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You missed the whole point. Did you even read the OP?

I want to be able to pay for EVE with payday loans.


You “get it”. :heart:

I read it.

No one is forcing you to buy a $230 pack. There are a lot of very good packs at a fraction of that cost.

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I am confused. Where is “drifting” to Pay To Win part?

I see OMEGA time, Skill Points, PLEX and Skins. I am missing the part where you have the pay to win.

Everybody might have their own defination of what Pay To Win is but mine is the ability to buy something for real money that cannot be obtained in game or any other way that gives me an advantage over others in game.

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While CCP’s monetization strategy certainly is rotting, I fail to see compelling evidence of this.

Pay to win is defined as exactly what it sounds like: pay to win. This implies paying gives you an advantage not paying won’t give you. So far I am yet to see anything in eve that FORCES you to pay real money for any advantage over another player, everything can be obtained for free with in-game work, and fairly reasonably too unlike many mobile games which theoretically offer it but in practice it will never get you to the top. Eve isn’t p2w and until I see the first p2w pack I’m holding my hope up that eve doesn’t die soon.

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No it is not, merely parsing the words literally and guessing at the meaning, doesn’t the definition make.

P2W is generally understood as paying money for anything that may give the player an in-game advantage, such as game currencies, levels, XP points, extra abilities or faster progression.

There is only some serious debate in the MMO community whether paying to remove service/UI inconveniences for the player, also counts as P2W or not.

Going by the common understanding of P2W, PLEX and skill injectors on sale, is basic P2W. Ever since it’s become optional, instead of mandatory, Omega is the most extreme form of P2W currently found within the entire MMO genre. Multi-boxing has always been P2W.

Even if one doesn’t want to call these “P2W”, but something else, there’s still remains the main question of how much of this type of transaction a player wants in their game.

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Spot on! I didn’t think there was a debate as to whether on not Eve was PTW.

I wonder how these guys define, “tongue in cheek”?

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:sweat_smile: To win what?
EVE has already been won🏆 Game over.

They are called “installments” in real life. People buy almost everything that way where I live.


Good point, thanks.

This won’t work because it makes CCP in the business of giving credit. What happens when you don’t make your payment? What is CCP going to do? Send you to collections? From Iceland? Shut off your toon until you pay but then you can just make another?

Whereas Plex is good for CCP as they get money up front before services are rendered, this would be CCP giving services up front and having to recover money after the fact.

Never going to happen. Unless CCP can offload the credit part to someone else. Oh wait there is already something in place that does just that called a credit card that CCP accepts, has no risk for them and can make anything into installments.

If you can’t qualify for a credit card already why should CCP give you credit and risk the loss?

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First, it’s just x’s and o’s. They have zero risk. It’s not like a car or any other physical item.
Second, they would make MORE money than they are presently. Guaranteed.
Third, it would be easy to enforce someone not paying. They already have the ability to disable items and modules based on SP’s. Try undocking in a Golem when your Omega account accidentally slips into an Alpha state.

Are you against the idea? If so, why?

:no_entry_sign: I never said, “If you can’t qualify for a credit card already”.

They do have risk: providing services without getting paid. They pay developers, servers rent on offices, utilities etc to provide those services and then but getting paid is a risk.

Also as I said, you can get the full benefit up front and use it and not pay. Sure they can disable your account but then you can simply make another.

For example, you need a dropping alt. Make a day 1 alt, use payment plan to boost to a full trained dropper. Use for 1 month and don’t pay.

It’s perfect because when you drop too much you get a reputation. This way you can just trash the toon and make another much cheaper than paying for all the skills up front.

Hell even better. You make a new toon buy the pack on one toon and then “lost it to a scam contract, trade, gank etc” to another toon for cheap and then don’t pay the 2nd month. Unless they can prove it’s your other toon how can they take the Plex back?

This is a perfect way to scam CCP lol.

Even if it was a legit loss how would CCP handle someone losing something they hadn’t finished paying for yet? Many people don’t want to pay for something they no longer have. That is why lenders force you to get auto insurance or homeowners insurance. Many people would not pay on a loan for something they lost. Then you get to them charging a fee to respawn items lost that came from payment plans and then that breaks the game etc.

You think like a criminal. It’s tied to your account, not your individual characters. CCP can use your IP address and other marvelous/modern tools to track your behavior. I can’t say much more without getting shut down by some overzealous ISD. You can rant all you want. We can even agree to disagree. I think it’s a good idea…you don’t. Great!

*You have little to fear. When was the last time CCP even read these forums?

If you’re in a game that you’re required to pay for decent access AND that price is soooooo high for your budget that you have to pay by installments, then maybe you need to reevaluate your life choices. :roll_eyes:


It’s a game. That being said, some people start out in life with nothing and struggle to survive. Some people have life handed to them on a silver platter. There are LOTS of people somewhere in between. Try not to be so judgemental and condescending. People that are less fortunate are not your enemy.