Seeking Small Gang/Industrial Pilots

We blow ■■■■ up, rebuild it, and do it again.


Vergnugen Industries is a corporation that lives in Null Sec space in the Feythabolis region. We are part of the Evictus Alliance and the Legacy Coalition, along with TEST, Brave, and more! We’re very laid back and as you can tell by our killboard (, we don’t care if we win or lose, we just like to have fun. We’ve got a great mix of veterans and newbros that mesh extremely well, where you can find a place with no matter your experience level.

What can we provide?

Interested in PvP or FCing? We offer a paid FC program, along with Corp and alliance level SRP schemes that give you greater flexibility in your PvP career.

Sotiyo level manufacturing, including capitals and supercapitals, along with in system ice belts and numerous moon belts to supply all of your industrial needs.

Regular Capital ship ops, including hot drops and large scale battles such as the one that took place in UALX.

Corp provided pvp and mining ships and entry level PvE ratting ships.

Daily coalition level fleets, small corp gangs, and roams.

Null Sec space with Level 5 upgrades.

Extensive Jump Freighter logistics within Corp and alliance

Wormhole Opportunities for those interested


Small Corp feel with a large Corp attitude. We have pilots spread across all timezones so you’ll never have to worry about looking for someone to mine with, roam with, or just talk ■■■■ with.


Be proactive and reasonably self sufficient
Join and use corp/alliance Mumble and Discord channels
We accept newbros and veterans


Contact one of our recruiters in-game in the “Vergnugen Recruiting” or on Discord, listed below:

Ulysses Briggs

Dorogoth Orodruin


Send me a PM here

o7 Fly safe and hope to hear from you!

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Hey Ulysses.
Hey Ulysses.
Hey Ulysses.
Hey Ulysses.
Hey Ulysses.

What’s up.

Recruitment is back open, o7 all

Still looking for newbros, returning vets, and even those who are brave enough to go into wormholes.

We’ve got the best memes in Legacy Coalition :wink:

Still looking for the best memers in New Eden :wink:

We’ve got more content than we can even handle, come help us take care of it :slight_smile:

PvP and PvE opportunities out the wazoo, get in now while you’ve still got the chance

im a miner/pi/pve/manufacture/moon miner and not really interested in pvp…

Still bringing in fresh faces :slight_smile:

Do you like dropping yolo ■■■■ or making actual ■■■■ tons of isk? Send me a message in game or on here :slight_smile:

EZ PZ keepstar kill this morning and more to come in the next few weeks. Send me a PM if you’re interested :slight_smile:

Still looking for industrialists, Capital pilots, and small gang PvPers :slight_smile:

Join the fight, whether it be against Cynabals or Spodumain :wink:

Looking for interested small gang pilots :slight_smile:

Come make the easiest isk and killmails of your life :wink:

Recruitment is still open, get all the action you need right here :slight_smile:

Come join the best memers in Legacy :wink: