🚀 [SEKER] Tempered Aggression [AU-EU] Low-Sec Debauchery

Still looking for low-sec pvp pilots, AU-EU timezone focused, for solo / solo-multi and small gang shenanigans. Small. Friendly community of experienced pilots.

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Weekend bump!

We’re looking for low-sec focused pop pilots across AU and EU timezones!

Looking for AU-EU PVP pilots, lets go!


Looking for AU and EU timezone PvP pilots! :saluting_face:

We’re looking for AU and EU pilots to join us build stronger :muscle:

Looking for low-sec focused PvP pilots, come and join us.


Lets go!

We’re looking for capable PVP pilots across AU and EU time zones. Some previous PVP experience is preferable, we’ll work with you to help expand you knowledge and experience while listening and learning from your own experiences.

We also are looking for people interested in, or have prior experience of, running fleets so we can expand the number of FC’s we have.

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:gun: Looking for AU and EU PvP pilots!

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AU-EU TZ low-sec PvP pilots, experienced small-gang FC’s or aspiring AU content creators… let’s go! :boom:


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