Selling a good sub system set character for gunnery purspouse. Send me your offer and let's make it quick

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Daily Bump!!

Can you post with that char they are for sale?

Sure, Once I’ll today at home I’ll do it.


The Char which you want to sell in here, has to login with his own Forumsaccount and have to confirm he is for Sale.

I will monitor this Thread and in case the Char will not post here, i will close again…

Good afternoon,

MeAndYou is my main acc. I’m the one owner of these two characters.

this does not change the fact that the character for sale, according to the rules of this forum, has to write here himself that he is for sale.

Just log in to the forum with the character, confirm in this post that he is for sale and all is well.

If you do not, this and any other post that does not comply with the sales rules will be closed with reference to the forum rules.

I had created a new topic from the character which was set on sale. Could you please close this topic?
Thank you