Selling myselfe 77Mil SP 2004

(Nidrik) #21

bump yes

(Nidrik) #22

bump again

(Nidrik) #23


(Nidrik) #24

bump please buy me

(Enoch Vicor) #25

You’re literally in every thread, It’s about time you get reported for Harassment. Also 1b per 1m sp is garbage. Especially on toons younger than when injectors came about. Try injecting 77m sp It would cost you well over 120b isk.

(Nidrik) #26

so i am getting tricked?.. ty for telling me
B/O still at 90 Bil, cause i dont think to many buy characters nowdays.

(Enoch Vicor) #27

No, you just get ripped off selling toons. That’s how it’s always worked, and will always work.

(Nidrik) #28

bump :slight_smile: