[SERVICE] [PUSHX] Push Industries - Hauling service

(Arno Gpunkt) #49

Great Service! Another happy Client. Keep it going!

(Zenith Harris) #50

12/10 would recommend any day/night.

(Hexabol) #51

have used them many times now and they never disappoint.
always a great service and 10/10 from here

(Kyhn Cavin-Guang) #52

Awesome servive… First time using them, made two rush orders…

Damn they made the trip with the orders faster than i could get from pickup to destination myself…

Will most defintly use them again.

(Arlington Brewster) #53

Great service and very fast too. Used them for the third time in two weeks now and the shipments were all made within one day.

(Cassie Helio) #54

PushX Hauling - New Nano service, Small Size increase, Tech updates, and JF changes

Quotes https://www.pushx.net/quote.php
Rates https://www.pushx.net/rates.php
Delivery Times https://twitter.com/PushXnet
In Game channel: PushX

Hello New Eden! Cassie Helio, CEO of PushX here.

PushX has been coming up with new exciting services and improvements to our corp tech. Details of new services and rates changes can be found at our rates page https://www.pushx.net/rates.php
All changes in this announcement will go live at down time December 4th.

Nano Service for Null and Low sec

PushX is proud to add our Nano service to the board. Nano service is an affordable option for customers that have low volume packages in Null or Low sec. Nano Service is perfect for moving skillbooks, BPs, or anything else small to/from dangerous space with Nano rates. Below are details for the service.

Nano Service

Available in Null and Low sec
Max volume: 110m3
Rates: .9m per HS system, 1.6m per LS, 2.4m per NS, 30m rush fee
30m price minimum for Null Sec contracts
Max Collateral: 5b
Collateral rates (up to):
–1b - 1x price
–2b - 1.5x price
–3b - 2x price
–4b - 2.5x price
–5b - 3x price

Small and Medium Services Merge

We are happy to announce that our Small Service max volume will be increasing to 62,500m3 at no extra cost! What was previously our Medium service will now be merged into our Small Service. This means extra volume for DST contracts at no extra cost to you!

Jump Freight Changes

With the December release from CCP all capitals including JFs will see a double in fuel usage requirements. This unfortunately means adjustments have to be made to rates for fuel usage. JF contracts will see +20m on base rates and +20m per cyno.

We are decreasing our rates for Venal contracts as we are removing the premium charge for those contracts. Currently, there are premium charge for contracts for Stain/Venal but moving forward the premium will only apply to Stain.

JF Service new rates
HS Large base: 80m
HS X-Large base: 140m
HS Cyno charge: 50m

LS Large base: 80m
LS X-Large base: 140m
LS Cyno charge: 50m

NS Large base: 110m
NS X-Large base: 170m
NS Cyno charge: 55m

Stain only NS Large base: 195m
Stain only NS X-Large base: 255m
Stain only NS Cyno charge: 70m

PushX Twitter, Discord, MyPushX


PushX is happy to say we have a thriving Public Discord available to everyone. Feel free to drop by and ask us any questions when you are not logged in. It can also be used to ask for help with PushX services when someone may not be able to respond in our in-game channel. Use this non-expiry invite to join https://discord.gg/S4Vsux2

Twitter - Delivery Times

Besides posting news and announcements our Twitter feed contains our historical delivery times average. Every few days you can find an update to our average speed of delivery of contracts. Follow PushX on Twitter https://twitter.com/PushXnet


MyPushX ( https://my.pushx.net ), our well known customer service site where you can see your contract’s place in line and more, now uses Eve’s SSO for adding characters and recovering your account. Eve’s XML API is no longer in use on MyPushX.

Thank you very much patrons of New Eden and we are excited to serve you. See you in space.
Cassie Helio

PushX API ( https://api.pushx.net )
MyPushX ( https://my.pushx.net )
Our MyPushX service allows you to keep track your position in line as well as of all your past and present contracts. Register today to benefit!

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(Tin Tinker) #55

Quick , painless service. I used PushX and happy to keep using them .

(Omadon) #56

Reasonable prices, consistently excellent and reliable service. Rush service is absurdly fast.

(Orion Kerensky) #57

the best service

(Spookzor 4-Eyes) #58

Very fast service. Contract was completed in about 3 hours without it even being a rush job.


(LemurCatta) #59

Best service. 10/10!

(Lokke Horatio) #60

Very good customer service by Cassie Helio, and quickly delivered once accepted by Craig Davidus. Thank you PushX for your services!

(Listeleif Anderson) #61

Good and fast Service, Thanks for your help.

(Devinnis Pollard) #62

I’m another satisfied customer that just want to say thank you for your great service. Highly recommended!

(AschaJana) #63

very good Service great Job! i use push all week to constantly move me stuff. :+1::smiley:

(Dres Kaneerdan) #64

Very impressed with the professional service! I know I can always count on them!

(Kicko) #65

Great service, speedy delivery. A very happy customer!

(Aeryn Tzun) #66

When I’m buying in bulk and I need my goodies moved, I hire PUSHX!!!

(John Khadonos) #67

No one wanted to haul my contract due to the value of it but pushx did it within 5 hours of me making the contract. respect.

(Ark Tarr) #68

Moved a load of stuff for me the other day after asset safety dumped my stuff in a pretty poor place for my TZ quite far into LS… Very quick great service at a good price.