Services to Anchor/Install POSs?

Hey Everyone!
I’m in the midst of establishing my corp in Null Sec and am wondering if any corps offer services to haul and anchor POSs (like a Tatara). I currently own and am able to fly a Jump Freighter, but, my corp doesn’t have the infrastructure, or people, to setup a cyno route in order to anchor our Tatara ourselves. So I’m here asking the community if anyone is available to help with this endeavor. Feel free to respond with questions and contact info. You can reach me in-game, by mail, at Alfrita Edison. I will respond promptly. Thanks!

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I have done this a couple of times on my JF alt.

Happy to put down collateral to cover the tatara (or whichever Upwell structure it is), however I’ll also be charging a good price for it, to cover the security steps needed to ensure this isn’t just a JF gank opportunity.

If you send me an evemail, we can discuss details.


I just sent an evemail to Scipio Artelius. Thanks for responding so quickly!

No worries. I’ll send you a reply in a couple of hours (after I finish work and can login).


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