Ship Transportation Service 100K per jump

-I will transport ships directly that are at most 50 jumps from Dodixie, Rens, or Hek (because that is where my characters hang out)

-my current pricing is 100K per jump travelled from collection to destination

-If interested reply to this post or pm me with the following format

WTM (want to move) Cyclone (ship type) BC (ship category) from point A (Sileperer) to point B (Dodixie) 9 jumps 4 900K (or 0.9m) total

-if you wish to use this service you will privately contract the ship in question over to me at point a, and it will be fitted with inertial stabilizers I

-after I transport the ship to point B I will contract the ship back to you for the agreed price, in the example above I would contract it back for 900K

You pay a collateral I suppose?

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I would gladly pay someone 100k to move ships for me, but not without collateral. But yeah, this is either a scam, or dude doesn’t know what he’s doing. 100k a jump for 50 jumps is 5 mil isk. He’d be making like 5 mil an hour, and without proper travel fits, he’s going to see some losses.

Yeah dude, if this isn’t a scam, you might want to reevaluate your business plan. You’re going to have to fork over anywhere from tens of millions to billions of isk for collateral, and then take the risk of hauling those ships without proper travel fits, all for garbage money.

If you want to get into hauling, you might want to check out a class or two. There are also hauling groups, and a hauling channel, but I don’t know what it is. Might have to ask around.

It is not a scam so it comes under ‘dude doesn’t know what he’s doing’

Was just something I thought of quickly before I went to bed and I wrote the forum post it is not the end of the world if people don’t want to take me up on it, also I would have to limit it to alpha ships only and even then I can’t pilot every single alpha ship.

Like I say it was sort of a last minute thing, not a thought out business plan.

Alright, well, hopefully you figure out something that you like that can make you some good money. If you have any questions ask. People are (usually) helpful on the forums.

if you a new player, I can help you out about game machanics and activities. Mail me anytime if you interested

Not a new player (since 2012 dipped in and out didn’t realize it was that long ago until I checked my old character the other day on Eve who) but don’t think I have any experience or knowledge that gives me a leg up on new players to be honest with you because my activities have been very narrow and I don’t think I have clocked up that many hours in all that time.

Thank you for the offer regarding learning about game mechanics and activities but I joined Eve University for that reason.

You might also look at actually becoming a hauler if you are interested, and check out Push X or Red Frog. There are ships that can actually haul fully fitted ships, so an offer like this probably wouldn’t garner much attention.

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