Should we really want botters to be banned?

Just to address some of these points…

  1. Bots selling farmed products lowers the prices of those products. This is only a bad thing for manufacturers.

  2. Yes, bots raise PLEX prices. Which motivates more people to buy PLEX with RL money to sell in-game, and makes the various industries associated with PLEX more profitable if you know what you’re doing. It’s good for CCP, good for players that don’t suck, bad for bad players who can’t afford PLEX.

  3. Inflated numbers don’t hurt the game. Yeah, someone might notice it’s more like 10,000 actual players online, but that’s after signing up and logging in for months without realizing it.

  4. It is not harder to catch a bot than a real player. Some bots warp away when players enter local. Most don’t, because better to lose a VNI than have the bot shutdown every time someone enters system.

  5. “They capture sites in faction warfare massively influencing warzone control and cause people to be kicked out of their homes”. What? If you can’t defeat bots with a FW corp, than your FW corp is terrible.

  6. They don’t “monitor local” as someone suggested. That’s just normal players recording their window while AFK. EDIT: Unless you’re referencing using bots for “live intel” across multiple accounts, but that’s not botting. It’s against the rules, but it’s not botting.

  7. People complained about the way bots mine in high-sec, and yet the non-bot multibox fleets are a much bigger issue. Why would a high-sec miner care more about 6 bot Retrievers than the 30-man boosted Skiff fleet?

The market order stuff is legit. I’ve dealt with that before. Beyond that though, bots can practically always be dealt with if you make the effort.

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In 2011 Runescape maker Jagex “nuked” 1.5 million bots in one day.

Jagex CEO explains why the developers decided to come down so hard on botting. “It breaks the game. How does it break the game? Well, it’s not just the balancing, the economy and the inflation and the deflation, which obviously a lot of you feel so acutely, but it fundamentally changes the nature of the game. It takes it away from what is a multiplayer, social experience to a single player, anti-social experience.”

“We don’t want your computer to play with our computer, we want you to have fun with our community,” he said, adding “I want to know that if I’m putting in 30 minutes this evening, that that 30 minutes is equal to everyone else’s 30 minutes.”


Botting dis-proportionately hurts newer and casual players.
It is cheating.
Nuff said.

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With the number of TEST botters, GOON botters, etc, you would be killing off half of their member count. If they can bot, so can the rest of us.

Get your facts straight. Goonswarm and TEST are not even in the top 25.

(Courtesy of CCP Peligro)

This is objectively wrong and sounds exactly like the common misconception made by armchair developers and PvPers who have never hunted a bot in their lives.

More wrong statements from someone who has clearly never hunted a bot in their life.

If you run into an asshole occasionally you ran into an asshole. If you run into assholes all the time, you’re the asshole


I only cyno on things because I’m bad/lazy but it hasn’t been hard to catch bots in the East for my group. Those VNIs almost never warp off. They just circle the beacon. Maybe things are different elsewhere.

Scam Citizen? No thanks. I am not drinking this cool-aid.

And for human farmers…

Do you know how FW works? Because I will tell you that bot has ages to warpout… after all you do need to use acceleration gate upon landing on beacon - this gives ample time to the bot to warp off.

I can only reiterate the best opinion on this thread. Biomass yourself.