Single button to rotate scanning map

We have 2 button to rotate the scanning map, when we really need a single one. Best user experience is one with the least clicks to achieve your goal.

How about a single button that rotates the map, and the next click on the same button flips it back? (instead of having to click on the other button)

Alternatively, make it more obvious which of the 2 buttons will rotate the map when you click it: if you click the wrong one, nothing happens… I really don’t like these wastful clicks… Scaning is slow enough as is.

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You don’t need to click those buttons, you can doubleclick anywhere in the free space of the system map to rotate it, and rotate it back.

That’s what I use when scanning, it’s pretty good.

Also if you think scanning goes slow, I can recommend binding keys to adjust probe size and to run the probe scan. It will save you time and make scanning smoother once you get used to it.


Ah… nice, I learned something today thanks. Double-click over guessing which button to click, that’s an improvement! :slight_smile:

I am curious about the key binding. I use ctrl-mouse scroll but key binding might be quicker. Took me a hot minute to realize when hacking 1,2,&3 are bound to the tools.