Singularity temporarily closed to players - 2020-03-24

Please use TQ, the real server, while Singularity is not available :slight_smile: - and Singularity will return pretty soon- very likely even with a new mirror.

We have several internal test servers, but they are unfortunately not as well setup as Singularity - they are simply too slow. Btw, regarding Duality: We will very likely remove Duality as public test server for the time being (as it was not open to the public since last September) and re-use its hardware for one of our internal test servers, so that we do not have to do all internal tests on Singularity.


will you add the trivgalinv ships like dreads


So when do you think the test server will be back up and when do you think the new mirror will be released???


So when do you think the test server will be back up and when do you think the new mirror will be released???

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How much time is this going to take as it has been 3 days, can we get a number “few days” isn’t helping much.

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Can I add expedition instructions to the test server? Occasionally want to go to test suit test without expedition to test

few days usually means 3-5 days…

it have been 3 days already… should be soon then.

will there be mad rush to buy up all the injectors on the market? or will they be removed after mirror?

CCP always remove injectors from market or contracts…

no news? :woozy_face:

ya know i think ccp is either waiting till tonight or they are waiting for the new month to start but i would like to test b4 the government shuts off my wifi please and thanks so ya know b4 april 1st i know its easier to keep track of 3 months but please

You guys love Singularity so much - CCP ought to make you pay to upgrade your account to get access to that server. What are you doing in there anyway?

reeeeeeeeeeeeee :frog:

You should have just left it at that

sounds good. trig dreads dont need to be tested, should have a system that rewards people for testing the stuff you need them to test like the trig damage that wasn’t right that time on TQ. might have had something to do with entropic rad sinks and stacking penalty applying too much or something. i am not a wormholer so trig dps didnt matter too much to me at the time. and i sadly couldnt afford to use leshaks on tq and i reckon the vedmak has better alternatives.
buff vedmak and iki a little.

So,a few days means a week,maybe more.New meaning of “a few days”

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not today?

Still waiting for new shiny things… I hope we can update and open soon™.

Except the suns - we want those a little less shiny :slight_smile:

when is the sisi going to be up?

not today?