Skill Queue Broken After New Dawn Update

All skill queues show a “Target Breaker Amplification 5” skill in the skill queue that appears to be training (has the blue arrow animation) and is taking up one or more slots of the skill queue. That is, it does not seem to be associated with a particular skill but is randomly taking over slots in the display of the queue.


What he said

Also this…with pretty picture :blush:

I’m experiencing this as well…

This is still broken. It does not seem that the portal app has been touched in months.

Checking again on this. Any updates? The resource processing skills still have yet to be updated just to match the current skills in game. Even a brief explanation of why it takes months to make what seem to be quick changes would be appreciated.

Please just let us know that this app is not being actively developed so we can find another solution. Or, if you are working on a new version, please let us know that. Otherwise it seems like you don’t care for your work product and I don’t think that is the case.

@CCP_Swift can we get an answer please? @CCP_Habakuk

Same bug. I also see some old skills. Arkonor reprocessing, velspar reprocessing. Of course you cant train them, you get a message when you choose them.

Yeah, having the same issue.

Restarting the app removes
the issue temporarily.

Dotto…more I try to remove it the more copies show up.

Broken for ages for me also. I suspect it is unable to ID the more recent skill additions as it doesnt have them, so is spamming out the list with that one random skill. I’m amazed nobody is fixing it to be honest, seems a bit lame and not a difficult thing to bring up to date…

Its broken for longer now. You are also not able to manage more than 50 Skills because App says NO…

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yeah this is now embarrassing, the new compression skills are resulting in the same behaviour. If you don’t want to maintain one of the key features of this app you might as well remove the entire app from the app/play store, also stop promoting it on the rest of your websites and simply say its deprecated

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Same story. Its a shame the app doesnt get updated :frowning:

And btw, it does not read “target breaker amplification 5”, but “target breaker amplifiation 5”.

“Amplifiation” instead of “AmplifiCation”.

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It would be awesome to get some sort of update on this very useful program. Doesn’t need much.

Still broken and getting worse because of even more new skills being added in the interim.

As of today it is still broken. Keeps stacking 2 to 3 queued skills as indicated above. However the queue still trains the current relevant skill I chose. It seems the target breaker acquisition 5 are just ghosts in my case.

Also CCP really needs to update the app. If it’s going to be relevant and promoted as a tool then you really need to get in front of these things quickly and ditch the Laissez-faire approach it’s seems you are taking.

Perhaps you are working on resolving issues but the lack of communication on this is a huge fail. Why would you spend money on marketing if it’s wasted by losing customers in this manner? Your client base would definitely feel like you care more about this game if you were more communicative in this area.



And this continues to screw up the reason for this app.

Yep. Still no updates after at least two patches with new skills added to the game. If this app is being deprecated, please let us know so we can uninstall.

I think that this is going on four months not to mention others that make it unusable with the last update in feb 2021. Love the app please fix it