Skill Queue Limit Discrepancy

The EVE Portal iOS app only allows 50 skills to be scheduled in the skill queue while the new in-game skill queue allows up to 150 skills to be scheduled.


Hello! Thank you for your feedback. Our dev team is aware of the issue and working on a fix. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


Glad to hear it’s being worked on. No apologies necessary. Thanks for the hard work you all do!

Any update on this? It is still not working.

You are working on afix for nearly a month now. How long we have to wait for a simple fix like that?

Any updates? It has been a couple months and the mobile app still has a 50 skill limit.

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Checking in again. This is still broken.

Still not working indeed

Checking again. The skill queue of the portal app is still broken. Any updates?

I guess it will be done in q4 2028

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Uhm, maybe we could get an approximate date for the update?

Update: still not working

This continues not to work. I am not able to modify the skill queue when more than 50 skills are lined up for training.

Any updates? I appreciate that you responded right away to my initial post, but it’s been almost 9 months now and the problem still exists.

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Still no updates or fixes?

Guess you missed this

Definitely did! I’ll reach out to my Magician friend and see where the teams stand on this one.


Also, whatever updates may have been made have not been pushed out to the iOS app as far as I can tell. Clarification as to which mobile app has been updated would be appreciated.

Do we have an ETA yet? It’s been over a year since the issue was first raised and acknowledged.

I’m still experiencing the skill limit discrepancy on the iOS version of the App.

Any updates? I still get the 50 skill limit message when trying to edit the queue in the iOS app.