Small Corp - part of Already Replaced alliance - Looking for members

Come fly with us it’s a ball ! ( there’s no dancing though, music maybe, you can dress up if you like, what you wear is not corp sanctioned, and really none of our business… )

Small English speaking corp looking for Brothers/Sisters in arms, attached to Already Replaced alliance in Mimnatar LS / WH / FW. Always happy to take newbies though you’ll need a good basic understanding of the game, a few million skill points and fly Omega account/s, or aim to.

We are a small corp so an addition to us makes a huge impact ! your not just another number, your voice lost in a sea of others, your input means something

what the corp/alliance offers …

buy back program
ratting fleets, for safety both in WH and HS pocket
roaming gangs fairly regularly
C3 WH home
FW Home

Message me or join shield107 in game ( normally some1 in channel during EU TZ if playing, which is most days )… always good to make new contacts, whether you join us or not, so jump on and have a chat !

Happy hunting elsewhere if this is not your cup of tea… ( though if you don’t drink tea you need to re-evaluate your life choices )


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Hi there, i am looking to join a corp. would i be suitable to join?.. I like tea :blush:

hello fellow tea drinker - DM me ( with best time to talk for u ) or jump into Shield107 in game for a chat ? i’ll be online most of the day today, and tomorrow.
cheers Ed.

Hey! You guys have a public chat at all? really interested, have a couple of questions tho

yeah in game - shield107 hop on…

were still looking for pilots - jump into shield107 in game for a chat, cheers

Recruitment is hard going, wish you luck fellow tea drinkers!
If the struggle is too much, feel free to reach out this way. perhaps we could do some merging…
Anyways, good luck!

struggle is what we like, its the way of eve… esp in sov null. Not interested in “merging” with yr alliance, thanks for message/opportunity but no thanks, very happy where we are - you should join us if anything, stain/cache NPC space is poor in comparison…

No Sir, Cache and Stain have all the isk. If you change your mind… feel free to reach out.

Jump onto shield107 for a chat ?

Bump. Joined close to two months ago. No regrets at all! Friendly people all over :slight_smile:

Hello im new and looking for a good alliance, seen yours looks good

hello chap jump into shield107 in game for a chat ? cheers

Come for the moon goo, stay for the PVP opportunities. Apply today! We are no.1 (in the alliance)


We also do PVP with daily fleets!

interested in mining R rated moon goo ? jump into shield107 in game for more info… cheers

Merged you both Topics into one. There is no need for two different Threads about the same Corporation…

I speak to you soon in the chat!

jump into shield107 in game for more info… cheers