Small Gang PvP corp looking for pilots


We are the Steel Pigs…. With Guns!

We are EUtz focused Smallgang PvP corp with a bit of aggression issues. We are part of the alliance Weapons of Mass production

We are a newly formed corp a very small one at this time, We have an experienced leadership living in null. We are looking for new talent that are interested to build a corp and be part of building an alliance in null. We have just started up and we have a small pocket in pureblind.

We offer a few good moons, Nice group of players. We are setting up a corp buyback system for Loot, Salvage, Moongoo and pi.

Our niche is to help the alliance is to get the pi to the projects that are always going on. You will be a part of the machine to build infrastructure and other useful stuff for the alliance.

Our demands are low when we are talking commitment to stuff. But we expect you to help out in pvp during wartime.

Real life does matter.

What we as a corporation offer you

  • A nice place to live, with close proximity to Highsec
  • Experienced leadership
  • Two experienced small scale PvP fc
  • We will offer mining ops at least once a week
  • Some Jumpfreighter service we can help out with.
  • Bad guristas to kill.
  • Pvp Fleet at least once every week.
  • And some buybacks will be setup as soon as we are ready.

The Alliance offer
Nice moons (20% tax on these to alliance)
SRP for strat ops
Experienced Fcs

What we are looking for

We want people that are looking for a new challenge, maybe you are like us, we just left big alliances and Tidi fiestas in the big block war.
We are building a cap fleet, and if you have a Dreadpilot/Carrier pilot that would help the corp and alliance alot.

You need to help out defend our space, Be on mumble when we got strat ops. We need you in fleets as much as possible when we are at war.

If you feel like you would fit in with us, and can contribute to the group.

Talk to one of the recruiters in our channel
Ingame: Steelpigs
Killboard: Steel Pigs With Guns | Corporation | zKillboard

Always recruiting

Always recruiting

Still looking for more pilots

Still looking for more pilots

Looking for more recruits


Still recruiting

Still recruiting

Looking for more pilots