Small NS EU corp looking for miners/industrialists, R lvl moons, ore belts need depleting

Small EU TZ corp attached to AARP alliance has its “own space” within null sec to maintain, and reap rewards from… ( fairly quiet pocket of 3/4 systems ) looking to develop an indy platform, need miners and industrialists to help create a production backbone -

excellent opportunities for moon goo and ore belts ( we have 2 R16 moons, with options on more )
3/4 quiet systems in which to operate/mine/build
possibilities of structure expansions into indy park
good logistics for transport in or out needs
high value null sec space
high activity corp, looking for same in new members…

come and be an integral part in our expansion…

jump into shield107 for a chat in game, or DM me - Edrik Prime,
lets build some shiz… together.


moon goo mining, jump in…

Come for the moon goo, stay for the PVP opportunities. Apply today! We are no.1 (in the alliance)

R moons need mining out, reactions awaiting… jump in…


We also do PVP with daily fleets!

still looking for EU TZ players to mine goo, and have some fun PVP…

mine and mine

lots of moon goo needs mining/reacting/manu jump into shield107 in game for more info

jump into shield107 in game for more info cheers

roids roids roids

any miners with teeth out there ? jump into shield107 in game for a chat…