Societas Imperialis Sceptri Coronaeque (SFRIM) - Amarr Loyalist, PVE & More!

Still recruiting :slight_smile:

Want eve to not be a job? Willing to try a little of everything for variety and freshness? PVP, PVE, and other in space activities and Roleplay? HS-LOW-WH-Abyssal-NPC Null? Casual but spirited and active Amarr RP Corp Recruiting ‘Amarr/Kingdom loyalists’ and ‘Legionaires’ (everyone else!) for Eve Fun.

Mail me on the neocomm to discuss or visit #recruitment on our alliance dischord:

Some perks:

  1. Newbie Ship Replacement Funds of 50 mil a month for new pilots
  2. Ship Replacement fund pool for ships lost in certain categories of alliance or corporation ops. These cover various classes of ships.
  3. Security Status Replacement fund to encourage participation in PVP roams in low sec and null sec.
  4. Ore, Salvage/Exploration, and Loot Buy backs at 99 percent Jita Buy
  5. A variety of activities, pvp and pve, across various timezones.

We are also looking for experienced pilots to FC PVE or PVP ops in EU timezone to try to grow our numbers there.

[[ SFRIM is an RP-focused organization that loves to fly and do things in space. If you love lore and world immersion, we love you. If you’d like a chance to fleet up, explore, blap things, and conduct industry, all in-character in an imaginative and cooperative environment, check us out! ]]

We’re still recruiting!

Besides our usual activities, we’ve been busy with the recent world events lately, such as the Brutor Vanguard incursion into Tanoo, and the Federation attempt to bombard Girana-Fa III