SOLD - 62M SP, CovOps, Bomber, Logi, HAC, TIII, Recon, Transport

Can fly: Most CovOps, Advanced Frigates, Logi, with high cloaky ship skills

Strategic Cruiser - Gallente skills Maxed
Electronic Attack Ships - V and some maxed EWar Skills
CovOps - V High Scan skills
Bomber - Nemesis Torp and Bombs well skilled
Heavy Interdiction Cruisers IV
Interdictors IV
Interceptors V
Logistics Cruisers V
Logistics Frigates IV
Recon Ships IV
Transport Ships IV
Expedition Frigates V

Mid-grade Virtue Set - 200+ scan strength with Sisters Probes and Launcher - Maxed Scanning skills
Can do many key wormhole roles

Focused mostly on Gallante/Some Amarr, with good clean history, nice easy name and character

Located in Jita 4/4 in NPC Corp

Taking offers. from 45 Billion,
BO 50 Billion

ISK to me and I will pay transfer fee.
EU Time zone for contact and updates.

48 bil

Thank you Gattanera, if you could add two more billion, it is yours.


On reflection, you have made a fair offer, which I’ll accept if you want to proceed.

Sending now

Received and much appreciated,

Will initialize the transfer in the next few minutes.

Thanks again

Hi Gattanera

Transfer process started, thanks again, sale much appreciated.

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