[SOLD] 71 Mil sp Miner/exploration character

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First Auction was ended early due to my lack of time. So here is a new short auction.

Located in Jita.
No kill rights.
Positive wallet.
Clones all located in high sec.

35 bill starting bid. 40 billion buyout.

Auction will last 4 hours from the time of this post.

Thank you.

@Nor_Blackstone I am interested in your 40b buyout !

Please let me know.

p.s. If I dont reply (since I am at work) I ll be bk by the 4 hr auction window. ty

WTS 71 Mil sp Miner/exploration character - #2 by Paul_Kon send isk and account info when you are ready and i will transfer. thank you.

Using @ beside a character name will tag them.

@Nor_Blackstone. Or @Paul_Kon

Linking how you did will not give paul a notification

@Paul_Kon Thanks @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras

@Paul_Kon Please send isk and account info when you can and i will start transfer. Thank you.

I am now sending account name and isk.

@Paul_Kon ready when you are.

@Nor_Blackstone Account Name and Isk sent.

@Paul_Kon isk and account name received. Transfer paid and in process. Thank you!

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@Nor_Blackstone I thank you brother.

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