SOLD: C4 Magnetar, C3/5 statics


(Emperor Necrology) #6

So if I read your edit right 25 for everything? Including capital fittings?

(Mephiztopheleze) #7

no, it includes the capital hulls and currently fitted rigs. The fits for the capitals are available at Jita Split.
Price DOES include the fittings on the Fortizar and other Upwell Structures.

(Emperor Necrology) #8

Can u get me a price with fitted caps. Also I know little of these third parties so I will have to look into them, but I am very inclined to do this. I am going to bed, but hope u can give 24hrs to hammer out the details.

(Mephiztopheleze) #9

I’ll PM you the cap fits and evepraisal links.

(Emperor Necrology) #10

Great I will contact you when I am on tomorrow

(Emperor Necrology) #11

Oh ya system # plz

(Miss IceCold) #12


(Mephiztopheleze) #13

No sale yet finalised, wormhole still on offer!

(Emperor Necrology) #14

is it available

(Mephiztopheleze) #15

yes, the C4 3/5 Magnetar is still available.

(Mephiztopheleze) #16

still available. Great wormhole system ready to rock!

(Lissinda Tekitsu) #17

want a worm hole. I am just looking foir the worm hole

(Mephiztopheleze) #18

this one come with structures already anchored.

(Lissinda Tekitsu) #19

Name the price

(Tasya Capone) #20

Still for sale?

(Mephiztopheleze) #21

yup. price drop too! ISK18b for structures, POCOs and rigged cap hulls.

(Tasya Capone) #22

I can do 18b for everything offered. Just let me know when you want to start the process what what third party you want to use.

(Mephiztopheleze) #23

EVE mail sent.

(Mephiztopheleze) #24

Thank you to Loresoco for handling the exchange.

(system) #25

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