53 B <3

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Make it 55 bil and im yours

Buyout lowered

55b B/O

send isk and info and will begin transfer

I’m not home yet is it OK if I send it to you in couple of hours? I’ll send everything as soon as I’m home soon (2 hours max).

sure but its almost 1 am here so im headed to bed soon so you will have to wait maybe 7 hrs till i wake up. then im gone all day after that

Ok that’s fine, but please leave this character assigned to me. I’ll send you the isk and info in max 2 hours and then you can transfer it when you wake up in 7 hrs. :slight_smile: Thanks. Will update this thread when I’ve sent isk + info

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i dont sleep much so could be sooner,i will post when done.

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ISK and Account info Sent. please transfer when possible

Isk recieved with account info,transfer has started from this time enjoy and thanks.